Entre Blueprint Review (Jeff Lerner) – Is this Legit or Scam?

What is Entre Institute?

Inside the Entre Institute, you will find a well-regarded training program that will help you to create an internet business successfully. It links you to thousands of active members who are willing to share their ideas, skills, and success stories. 

In this Entre Blueprint Review, we will go over every part of this training program to give you a good idea of whether it is a legitimate or a scam.

Entre Blueprint is a beautifully designed, high-ticket full training for potential entrepreneurs aiming to build a successful business online.

Entre also intends to educate people on the principles of establishing an eCommerce and affiliate marketing business.

You’ll also learn how to generate digital assets and use them to produce long-term money online. Entre Institute will teach you all you need to know to start and grow a lucrative internet business.

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Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner founded the Entre Institute. Lerner is a well-known speaker and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in the online sector.

Jeff has developed many seven-figure internet enterprises and remains a winner in the online world.

However, he has not always been fortunate. In reality, Lerner’s journey from grass to glory is motivating.

Lerner is a soul entrepreneur who came from low beginnings as a failed musician and hotel owner.

He started digital marketing in 2008, which transformed his status very quickly. Jeff earned a whopping $50 million through affiliate sales.

Jeff’s extensive knowledge has resulted in Entre Institute. He’s on a goal to teach people the fundamentals of making money online based on what he’s learned as an internet business owner.

Jeff Lerner

What is Entre Blueprint?

According to Lerner, Entre Blueprint is a six-step curriculum that will redefine your life by educating you on how to start your own internet business.

This is an info-product that will show you Jeff’s method of doing things while also providing you a preview of what to anticipate from this digital training. So, Entre Blueprint is the Front end of the Entre Institute complete package. 

The Entre Blueprint costs $39 one-time price.

Entre Blueprint Review; The Six phases:

“Three Ps” of a successful life:

Lerner discusses the three foundations of an enjoyable lifestyle that you can establish in these three phases. The three Ps are Personal, Professional, and Physical.

Entre Blueprint 3 Ps

Three Principles of Effective Action: 

Jeff will provide a workshop on the three components of effective action: Community, Strategy, and Belief.

The Three Stages of strong Foundation:

This step explains legacy building and the stages. Jeff will educate you on the importance of Leverage, Growth, and Income.

Affiliate Marketing:

To establish a successful affiliate marketing business, you should put a lot of effort into acquiring and applying specific skills. Jeff discusses the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and also why it’s among the greatest business strategies for getting started online.

Why eCommerce is the best:

Here Jeff discusses the advantages of running an e-commerce store. He concentrates mostly on why an internet business strategy is superior to a conventional brick-and-mortar firm.

Digital Consulting:

It illustrates how to improve earnings by using digital consulting and starting your own agency. Learn how to make steady, and sustainable, online business skills in this stage. You will learn how to build your own digital consulting business and make money online.

Entre Blueprint Forum

Entre Blueprint Review; Pros:

  • You will get true skills and information that will be extremely beneficial.
  • Entre Institute requires a small upfront investment on the front end. 
  • This offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • You can develop a long-term sustainable internet business with the right guidance. 
  • This is a wonderful opportunity to start your own online business even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.
  • The program’s step-by-step structure makes it easy to get started and become successful.


  • There are several expensive upsells once you complete the front end.
  • The return policy is complicated.

Who is this intended for?

  • Individuals seeking a long-term internet business potential.
  • Individuals that want to launch their own internet business.
  • The people who want to learn how to generate money online.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to know the exact strategy like gurus.
  • Founders of e-commerce companies that want to expand their operations.

Are you looking for software to help you make money online overnight? Then the Entre Institute is not for you.

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What are the other modules inside Entre Institute?

Entre Nation Elite:

This membership focuses on internet marketing and entrepreneurship. As an Entre Nation Elite member, you’ll have access to weekly webinars where Jeff and his group discuss digital marketing. 

The Entre Nation Elite costs $49/mo or $348/year.

Millionaire Productivity Secrets:

Productivity is essential for having a profitable internet business. This session explains to you how to increase your productivity by implementing special strategies.

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator:

In this session, Jeff demonstrates how to become a pro affiliate marketer. He makes use of his affiliate marketing knowledge to provide important information.

Agency Millionaire Accelerator:

This session goes over online advertisements and how to make money through different types of Ads.

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator:

You will learn how to launch your own product and promote it.

Digital Bundle:

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator + Agency Millionaire Accelerator + Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator are all included in the Digital bundle at a discounted price. The digital bundle costs $1997 one time.

Entre Coaching:

This session will assist you in implementing what you’re learning while being led by specialists, therefore accelerating the whole process.

Entre Inner Circle:

The Entre Inner Circle provides you with access to a network of extremely successful online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, including Jeff Lerner.

Entre Mastery:

Entre Mastery gives you the opportunity to work with Jeff as your trainer and advisor as you start an internet business from scratch.

What will you get in the Enter Blueprint (Front End)?

  • The Success Path Masterclass + 90-Day Launch Plan Training
  •  The Success Roadmap + Action Plan
  •  1-on-1 Success Advisor Coaching Call
  •  ENTRE Way Doctrine
  •  ENTRE Nation Community
  •  Income Jumpstart Training
  •  Awesome Life Challenge
  •  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Entre Blueprint Bonus

Entre Blueprint Review; Is Entre Institute a scam?

Nah! Entre Institute is a fantastic training program, and Entre Blueprint is 100% legitimate and not a scam.

This training is open to anybody without any knowledge of internet marketing. If you want to generate money online in the long run, this internet training program is highly advisable.

Entre Blueprint Review; Conclusion:

I suggest this course to anyone who wants to learn how to run a thriving online business. This training curriculum is well-packaged and will lead to online success.

That’s all about Entre Blueprint Review. To unlock the maximum capabilities, you should purchase the upgrades. Only purchasing the course is not enough, you must put a lot of effort to become successful.

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