How to Launch Your Online Course?


Do you need a quick and easy approach to launch your online course? This 7 steps methods will let you explore your knowledge and launch a successful online course. 

The e-learning business is expected to be worth $350 billion by 2026. The pandemic facilitates the online learning business growth on a rapid scale. Everyone is eager to learn new skills while staying at their home.

Here in this article, we will discuss the method for fast generating your e-course content, setting up your virtual classroom, advertising, and selling your online classes to people.

7 easy steps to launch your online course:

1. Choose the course topic:

Online course topic

Choosing the right topic is the first major step to launching your online course. The course topic must be something you are interested in. If you are not passionate about your subject, the x-factor will be lacking in your course. Consider your strengths, skills, and life experiences. If you enjoy your topic and have expertise in it, and it meets a need for someone, then your topic has the ability to be monetized.

Individuals join online courses because they desire to move from their current circumstances to a brighter future. It is important to pick a topic about which there is an enthusiastic audience eager to spend money to be educated.

Few ideas of course topic…

  • The course on affiliate marketing.
  • Teach people how to make money online.
  • Photography a to z guide.
  • Yoga training.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • How to become fluent in English.
  • And many more topics.

Only your interest and skill are not enough to pick a topic for an e-learning course. You also need a strong market demand for your topic. Sometimes course creators make the mistake that if there is a lot of competition in a certain topic, they think their course may fail. However, this implies that there is a significant market demand for that particular topic, and this is worth investing in that particular subject.

So, how will you know whether your passion area has a high market demand or not! Google trend can help you in this regard. Google Trends will show you how popular a specific topic is. It’s the simplest way to discover if someone is searching Google for the topic and how popular it has gained over time.

Also, you have to check the search volume of a particular topic. By knowing the search volume you can understand the market demand for a topic. Google keyword planner can help you to find out the search volume of your topic.

2. Create the right course content, structure, and module:

A comprehensive course outline serves as a road map for how your online course will take your students from beginner to expert level. It will help you teach knowledge to your learners in a methodical, ordered manner, till they finish your training.

During the launch of your online course, you examine all of your content and start collecting similar topics, ideas, and concepts. Structure them into different modules, and organize the lectures within those modules in a most constructive and logical approach so that they form an easy way to learn.

Regular classroom teachings may not always provide an engaging e-learning experience. So, it is essential to choose how to make your online course fun to study. Here are some suggestions for creating your online course more engaging.

  • Include more stories in your training.
  • Create a learning community.
  • Set up life lessons.
  • Use real-time and personality learning techniques.
  • Use games to motivate your students and celebrate little successes.

3. Recording and editing the video course:

You should now have a full course plan, all of your content organized, and a thorough understanding of how you want to deliver each part of your online course.

So it’s time to start recording your performance. The way in which you deliver your training is entirely dependent on what your market like to connect with and how fast you deliver your expertise.

In today’s internet environment, video is the most effective mode of communication. Most of the online courses are delivered in video form only. 

You can record your computer screen to explain practically your course content. Also, you can use a good webcam to show your face in the corner of the screen. Finally, finally, video editing is a major part to make your videos more attractive.

You can use a green screen in your video background. The green screen is good, as you can convert the video background into any professional-looking virtual background.

Launch Your Online Course

4. Setting up your course with the right platform:

There are various online platforms you can build your course. Here I will recommend three market-leading course creation platforms to quickly launch your online course…


Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses

Get everything you need to launch your online course and sell it online. The Teachable platform makes it simple to create online courses without any technical knowledge.

Use customization tools to manage and customize your content in order to showcase your product’s unique point of view. Know how to set up your own online school and sell your own online courses using the Teachable platform.

Anyone can use the program efficiently. Here you can teach your online student the same way you learned it.

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Thinkific Review

Develop, advertise, and monetize your knowledge with a unique platform that offers you complete control over your course content.

Utilizing this easy course builder, you can effortlessly develop a high-quality virtual classroom for any audience. The best part is that no coding or technical knowledge is necessary. You establish your own prices and retain 100% of the earnings.

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Udemy Instractor

Design the course you prefer, in the way you would like, with complete control over your own content. Teach what you know and help people to grow in their careers. You may expand your network, acquire experience, and sell courses through the Udemy platform.

It is totally up to you how you educate and how much value you provide. They offer a range of tools to help you build your course. Also, the teacher dashboard and content pages help you keep organized.

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5. Create a launch strategy:

There must be potential clients waiting for your course’s availability. But how can you be so sure that people want to buy your course?

This is possible if you have a different course design, a different level of content, various marketing tactics, and direct prospective clients inside different types of funnels.

You can worm up your audience in this way below…

  • To establish that you know what you’re talking about, provide value upfront for free.
  • Explain the significance of your course to your audience.
  • Explain how your course will help them in their career.
  • Develop connection and trust.

6. Correct pricing strategy:

Your course success some extent depends on the cost of your online course. There is no such thing as a perfect price for an online course because it is totally dependent on what you are providing.

Analyze what your competitors are charging and for what, then determine how yours is unique and superior. If your course content is better than others, you can increase your pricing somewhat. Never underprice your course since this will make it look less valuable than competitors.

7. Sell your course:

Create an email list:

When you start launching your online course, you need to have an audience, and one of the greatest marketing strategies is email marketing. You can provide something for free such as a small course, a short ebook, a video course, or something essential in exchange for people’s email addresses. Use an email sequence to develop trust and sell your course.

Create some related blog articles:

If you have a website start writing blog posts related to online courses. You should mention your online course and its benefits inside your blog post. If you have a good number of visitors to your website, you can build a customer base through your blog post.

Promote course through youtube videos:

Create a YouTube channel and start promoting your online course through your YouTube videos. You can provide a small demo of your course in your video. Describe why people should buy your course. 

Do social media promotion:

Social media is the most powerful platform to promote courses. So, start promoting your online course on different social media by creating content around it. Even you can promote the course before its launch.

Use paid marketing strategy:

If you want quick results, paid marketing is the best way to promote online courses. You can run Facebook ads, Google, and Youtube ads to target specific locations and demographics to promote your courses.


It takes a lot of time and effort to create an online course. It occurs over a significant period of time and involves several processes and moving elements. If you can make a proper online course, it can give you a 6-figure revenue in a short span. The correct marketing strategy also plays a big role in your course’s success.

Also, you can pre-sell a beta launch of your course to build a customer base early. That’s all about how to launch your online course professionally and earn revenue sitting at your home. The online learning trend is increasing day by day, so this is the time to take action and launch your successful online course. I hope this article will help you somewhat in this regard. Thank you for the time to read the article. 

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