InVideo Vs. Doodly – Two Market-Leading Video Making and Editing Softwares.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is the ideal video-making tool to create a stunning video of any kind. This includes premade templates, empty templates, and professional video clip templates.

InVideo enables you to simultaneously change text into video. A tool allows you to convert a blog article into a video including more visual features. InVideo is therefore an incredibly unique video marketing software.

What is Doodly?

Doodly is an incredible tool to create unlimited whiteboard videos. Also, it is possible to construct blackboards, glass boards, and green screen animations.

Simply select a picture, drag it on the platform and Doodly creates the image immediately for you. Doodly can create all kinds of wonderful whiteboards to captivate your viewers, engage with them, and influence them effectively.

This may be used to generate social media videos, informative videos or simply to have fun. 

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Few exciting features of InVideo:

More than 3,500 templates are available from each industry:

You may produce stunning videos in less than 5 minutes with thousands of themes. They have provided you with more than 3,500 templates that cover a wide variety of businesses. It’s something completely unique you can build.

Automated conversion of text to videos:

You may convert any article into a video with a single click using the text-to-video tool. The voiceover is sounding like a real human voice, and images are selected to match the content automatically.

Flexibility and full monitoring:

Using this easy platform, you can drag & drop, upload photos, add music, and add text. Also, this tool supports all languages.

Few exciting features of Doodly:

Smart draw technique: Doodly’s new intelligent drawing technology allows you to use imported images on your animated whiteboards. You can submit a custom path to all the images you upload by clicking and directing, by using the Doodly Smart Draw technology.

Custom audio voiceover: Capture your customized audio voiceover right into Doodly and easily synchronize it with your Doodle drawing.

You can add your voice to your video very easily. Click the record button, begin to talk, Doodly will automatically add your voice to your video. You can also use different software to submit a professional voiceover or audio export.

Customized whiteboard doodle pictures: Over 1000 custom whiteboard doodles are available inside the doodly whiteboard animation tool.

They don’t use stock photos, a skilled team of graphic artists drew all the images of Doodly. You will get  200 characters and 20 postures.

Also, your own photos, with hundreds of accessories and niche-related items.

InVideo Vs. Doodly – The main differences: 

Criteria  InVideo Doodly
Free Plan Free plan available There is no free plan
Training Webinars, Live Online Documentation
24/7 Live Support Yes No
Year of foundation 2017 2003
Ease of use Easier and faster to use and set up than Doodly. Need a little more time to set up than InVideo. But beginners friendly.
Starting price $30 per month (If billed monthly) $39 per month (If billed monthly)
Best suitable for  solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, and more. Anyone who wants to create an animated doodle explainer video.
Overall rating 4.9/5 4.5/5
Categories Video Editing, Video Making Animation, Video Making
Brand recognition Less recognized brand than Doodly More recognized brand than InVideo
PayPal acceptance Does not accept PayPal Accept PayPal
Official website

Doodly Pros:

  • Complete newbie-friendly.
  • Video making is easy by using smart draw technology.
  • Custom audio voiceover.
  • Get customized whiteboard doodle images.
  • Get a lot of royalty-free audio music.
  • You can install and run it on any number of computers.
  • Get software updates absolutely free.

Doodly cons:

  • Limited audio features.
  • Slightly laggy during video exports.

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InVideo Pros:

  • The interface is easy and technical skills are not required to work with InVideo.
  • Integrated with Shutterstock and Storyblock. They have over one million images and videos in their combined database.
  • Templates ready to be used and produced for a particular purpose, platform, and placement.
  • Can make any language videos.
  • 24/7 outstanding customer support.
  • Automatically convert text to speech.
  • The style and design of your project are completely under your control.
  • You can join the Facebook community free of cost for help.
  • You can use images and videos of your own.

InVideo cons:

  • Between templates, you cannot shift. you must re-create the video if you want to change the template.
  • It takes a bit longer time to export videos.

InVideo pricing plans:

Free Plan: They provide a lifetime free plan, however, some limitations are there. 

Free plan functionality and restrictions:

  • A watermark of InVideo will be in all videos.
  • Get more than 4500 video templates.
  • Over 3 million standard media libraries.
  • Automatically convert text to speech.
  • For every video, a maximum of 15 minutes of video time.

Business plan: $30 per month for a monthly invoiced and $15 per month ($180 per annum) for annual payments.

Business plan features:

  • No InVideo watermark will be there.
  • Get everything from the free plan.
  • Receive every month 10 iStock media.
  • The premium media are above 1 million.
  • Every month 60 videos can be exported.
  • Filmr Pro can Unlock.

Unlimited Plan: Costs $60 per month for monthly bills. Cost reduced to $30 per month ($360 annually) for annual bills.

Unlimited Plan Features:

  • No InVideo watermark will be there.
  • Get everything from the free plan.
  • Receive 120 iStock media monthly.
  • Available premium media are above 1 million.
  • Every month, export unlimited video.
  • Filmr Pro can Unlock.

Invideo monthly

Invideo annually

Doodly pricing plans:

Two types of price plans are available in Doodly:

Standard Plan: This plan costs $39 per month when paid monthly. When paid annually, the cost will be lowered to $20 a month.


  • 1,164 images of the character.
  • 1,620 Prop images.
  • 150 royalty-free and music.
  • 20 Templates of Video.
  • 35 fonts are available.
  • 84 Templates for the scene.
  • Unlimited video creation.
  • You can use this on several computers.
  • Excellent customer support. 
  • Doodly Facebook Group Invitation.

Enterprise Plan: The monthly charge for this plan will be $69. If paid annually, the fee will be lowered to $40 per month.


  • 3,959 pictures of the character.
  • Prop images 3,341.
  • 250 Royalty free music tracks available.
  • 40 Templates for Video.
  • 70 font are available.
  • 84 Templates for the scene.
  • Unlimited video creation. 
  • Can be used on several computers. 
  • Premium support is available.
  • Doodly Facebook Group Invitation.

Doodly monthly

Doodly annually


In my opinion, both the video software are excellent and you must use them to fulfill your video marketing needs. In every niche, you can create quality videos, and there are numerous templates for different niches. Both the software can save a lot of time by using their templates and themes. 

For beginners, I will keep InVideo one step ahead of Doodly. InVideo is a little easier than Doodly and the price are also less. But the final decision is yours as Doodly is also a big brand as a video software.  

That’s all about InVideo vs Doodly. I hope this article will be helpful for you to choose the right video software for your business.

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