Social Boost Review (2023) – Get the Best Alternative.


Social Boost, one of the top Instagram real follower growth services, organises and grows your account with the help of a skilled team of Instagram Marketers. Get real Instagram followers in your industry. In this Social Boost Review, we will show why this is a genuine method to boost your Instagram followers.

Social Boost Review; Benefits:

True Followers:

Social Boost brings in genuine followers who like, comment, and interact with your post.

Work in 2023:

Their follower growth strategy, in comparison to other services, definitely works better.

Safe and protected:

They do not utilize bots or software. Ensuring you are fully compatible with Instagram’s algorithm.

Genuine Instagram marketers:

Their staff is committed to growth and educated in the most recent Instagram Strategic Planning.

100% optimized for growth:

The experts monitor and adjust your targeting in order to continually increase performance.

Statistics and insights:

They provide detailed monthly reports to assist you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Real growth:

They perform all of their marketing manually, using real human beings and real gadgets.

Excellent customer support is available 24×7:

They are customer friendly, they provide live chat support 24×7 to solve any of your problems instantly.

Social Boost Review; How does Social Boost work?

Login to the member’s area:

Login to your Social Boost account, and they will assign your account to an Instagram Account Manager and ask you very few things about the kind of followers you want. The best part is, you can grow your Instagram account in a completely organic way.

  • Use Age, Gender, Related Accounts, niche, and location to narrow down your target demographic.
  • Using follows and targeted likes, your Instagram Growth Manager will interact with profiles that fit your target audience.
  • Intended Audiences will receive an alert and visit your profile for your notification. Individuals will follow back and engage with your stuff if they like it.

Research and find out the target audience:

The first stage is market research, and Social Boost will locate accounts that correspond to your right audience. The benefit of the follow-unfollow approach is that it is very focused and secure to utilize as far as you are not spamming and staying specific.

  • It discovers target Instagram accounts with a demographic relevant to your business.
  • Search for profiles with a high level of involvement.
  • This will not search for massive accounts, instead, smaller ones with relevant and interesting following.

Expert Account Management:

The Instagram Growth Specialists will monitor your account and use genuine marketing tactics to grow your followers.

Social boost growth calculator:

You can calculate your Instagram account page growth from the Social boost sales page. You can get an overview of your account. You can know whether your account has a proper profile setup or not. You can also know the total number of posts inside your account, Follower/Following Proportion, Story Highlights, and more.

Social Boost Growth Audit

Social Boost Review; Price details:

There are three types of pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Turbocharged.

The Basic plan costs $59 per month on a month-on-month basis and $590 per year when billed annually. The features are… 

  • Real follower growth that is entirely organic.
  • Live chat help is available 24×7.
  • Cancel at any moment.

The Premium plan costs $99 per month on a monthly basis, and $990 per year when billed yearly. The features are…

  • Everything is provided in Basic.
  • Increased follower growth.
  • Weekly optimization audit.
  • Targeting based on location and gender.
  • Cancel at any moment.

The Turbocharged plan costs $249 per month on a month-on-month basis and $2490 per year when billed yearly. The features are…

  • Everything is available in Premium.
  • Turbocharged growth.
  • Personal Account Manager.
Social Boost Monthly
Social Boost Yearly

Social Boost Review; The bad:

  • They are not giving any free trial before purchasing.
  • More expensive than its competitors.

The best alternatives of Social Boost:

Flock Social:

Flock Social is an Instagram growth tool that may help you manage and grow your account. Flock Social may assist you in growing your Instagram account by allowing you to browse other people’s stories, follow niche-specific individuals, apply relevant hashtags, engage with your followers, and analyze your performance.

Flock Social does a better, quicker, and more organic job. They analyzed Instagram’s algorithm in order to increase its followers. With Flock Social, you can increase your Instagram followers, likes, and comments while also building your brand’s reputation.


Upleap is an Instagram growth software that assists people as well as businesses in growing their Instagram accounts. Upleap can assist you in growing your Instagram account in the following ways:

  • Specific target followers: Upleap identifies individuals who are keen on your niche. This increases the chances of attracting interested and specific followers.
  • Upleap offers a customized growth plan for your account based on your objectives, intended audience, and specialization. This makes sure that your profile is set up for maximum growth and interaction.
  • Account optimization: Upleap boosts your account by evaluating your content, hashtags, bio, and other features of the profile. This improves brand visibility and attracts new followers.
  • Engagement: Upleap interacts with your core demographic by liking, commenting, and following accounts that are related to your industry. This increases your presence and attracts new followers.
  • Analytics: Upleap delivers accurate data on your account’s performance and activity. This lets you monitor your progress and change your plan.

Thus, Upleap may assist you in growing your Instagram account by finding the right audience, developing a customized growth plan, optimizing your account, connecting with your potential customers, and giving comprehensive data.

Kenji AI:

Kenji AI is a tool that will assist you in increasing your following. It follows Instagram’s algorithm, which keeps your account from being banned. It makes use of artificial intelligence to boost your Instagram followers.

To begin, enter your Instagram username into Kenji and provide related keywords about your targeted audience, as per location and keywords regarding your business. Kenji will start looking for individuals who could be interested in your field.

The tool will handle all manual tasks like scheduling, posting, liking, and following. Kenji keeps an eye on Instagram’s algorithm to verify that the activities are realistic and that it engages with actual people.

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