Uscreen Review – Build and Boost Your Streaming Business.


Uscreen is a unique video streaming platform that allows anybody to monetize their video by launching their own membership Video On Demand service. In this Uscreen Review, we will discuss all features, benefits, pricing details, pros and cons of this tool.

Uscreen Review; Three simple steps:


Use any of the stunning Uscreen video website themes and designs to build your own streaming service in a matter of minutes. Their themes are intended to capture and convince, and you can personalize them. 


You can determine the potential of your videos using Uscreen’s marketing and automation tools. Use its advertising and networking options to broaden your audience. Use the built-in sales and analytics tools to track your success.


Utilize their knowledge base to remain ahead of the competition. Their specialists will show you how to make the most of their established retention strategy and assist you in building a solid, profitable, and growing business.

What are the things you can do with Uscreen?

Upload and organize your videos:

Upload in bulk, categorize content, apply custom filters, and add extras.

On-Demand streaming: 

Display your content in a visually appealing on-demand video portfolio.

Live Streaming:

Schedule activities in advance and create excitement with a countdown display.


Subscriptions or one-time purchases you can offer. Credit cards and PayPal are accepted.


Understand your audience’s preferences and how well your content is working.

Your Own Apps:

Make sure your viewer has a five-star viewing experience on any platform.

Uscreen Review; Features:

Create your own OTT apps:

Over-the-top (OTT) apps distribute video content on the web instead of through satellite or cable television. Uscreen is the world’s top OTT platform, that enables quickly stream videos on both mobile devices (iOS and Android) and TVs. 

  • Setup quickly without any coding knowledge.
  • Customize the appearance and feel of your apps to reflect your brand.
  • Built-in analytics for more information.
  • Publish and organize your content in a single admin area.

Live streaming platform:

With Uscreen‘s robust smooth and secure live streaming technology, you can take your internet presence to a whole different level. Uscreen’s full HD live streaming platform will provide your viewers with a 5-star visual experience. Build your network with live chat and superior streaming features on the web, mobile applications, and TV apps.

Monetize your videos:

The video monetization system is designed specifically for you. Take over control of your online streaming company for a single, fixed charge.

Marketing Toolkit:

With Uscreen‘s powerful built-in marketing tools, you can realize the full potential of your video company. 

Content management system for videos:

Uploading and managing content on Uscreen’s video CMS is quick and simple. The better encoding allows for lightning-fast video consumption, and it’s ‘resume where you left off’ feature guarantees that your uploading progress is not lost if you go internet or just leave the website.

  • Video hosting is built-in.
  • Live streaming and on-demand playback are available.
  • Playback is smooth on all devices.
  • Schedule videos.

Video player:

Using the advanced Uscreen HTML5 Video Player, you can attract your viewers with the greatest online video playback. Give your consumers an amazing cross-device Full HD watching experience without sacrificing speed or security.

Themes and customization:

The Uscreen VOD website themes are designed to better user experience. Their creative design provides your website with a flawless appearance on every device.

With the simple visual editor, you can change the style and design of the website. Edit the website to reflect your brand’s identity by adding logos and adjusting colors to achieve your unique appearance.

Build community:

Building a community is essential for anybody looking to monetize their videos online. Use Uscreen‘s native commenting tool from your dashboard to stimulate conversations, react to comments, and manage interactions.

Privacy and security:

They put a high priority on security. That is why they offer the most secure streaming environment widely available, while also providing smooth on-demand and real-time video content distribution to your consumers worldwide.


Uscreen Review; Benefits:

Generate leads and convert them:

Develop a completely new audience or turn existing followers into paying consumers. Create lead generation funnels to capture and nurture leads. Create special offers to close the purchase, and utilize the upsell option to optimize profits on each sale.

Retain Customers:

Maintain control over your consumer base. With abandoned cart automation, you can recover lost interest. Set up win-back processes to boost a customer’s lifetime value.

Create Sales and Product Pages:

Create eye-catching, completely responsive, and SEO-friendly landing pages for any need. With the simple landing page builder, you can create fast, unique customized landing pages.

Design Marketing Funnels:

Funnels are a proven strategy for increasing the effectiveness of your lead generation operations. Make effective marketing funnels to locate, qualify, and manage your target audience through the conversion process.


Activate its powerful connectors to use the technology you already know in your streaming service. You can link to major email marketing platforms, subscription and website analytics, and more with a few clicks.


  • App Development and Regular maintenance.
  • Video-on-Demand.
  • Streaming live.
  • Hosting of video.
  • Onboarding and support are available 24×7.
  • Uptime of 99.99% and global delivery.
  • Excellent playback performance.


  • Uscreen does not allow ad-based VOD monetization.

Uscreen Review; Pricing:

There are three types of pricing plans for Uscreen: Basic, Growth, and Plus. For the Basic and Growth plan, you will get a 14-day free trial. 

The basic plan costs $79/mo when billed annually and $99/mo on a month-on-month basis. 

The growth plan costs $159/mo when billed annually and $199/mo on a month-on-month basis. 

Uscreen price

Uscreen Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about Uscreen Review, this is a robust VOD (Video On Demand) platform that allows anybody to monetize their video and build a profitable internet business. They supply everything you need to get started, including video hosting, money collection, a website builder, and a customized app, allowing you to focus on creating amazing videos and establishing a reputation.

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