Activecampaign vs. Sendinblue. Email marketing best practices.


Are you still confused about the perfect email marketing tools? Today I will compare two market leaders of email marketing. Let’s compare the features and functionality of ActiveCampaign and Sendinblue.

Both the tools are most popular to build a relationship with your customer. You have various facilities like email marketing campaigns and automation, marketing through multi-channel, SMS, and chat.

Most businesses are using e-mail marketing now more than ever before to connect with their prospects. You must be sure that your email contacts are delighted to receive new emails from you, this is one of the vital criteria for Email marketing best practices.

Improve open rate

You can improve your emails’ open rate and email engagement if you properly use features like personalization, dynamic content, and send time optimization.

The A/B split testing will also help you to learn what kind of emails fits best for your audience. By doing so, you can continuously improve your email quality. ActiveCampaign and Sendinblue both email marketing tools are best in this regard.

Premium email marketing tools such as Sendinblue and ActiveCampaign will make your email campaign more successful. You can segment and deliver emails as per your requirement, this is email marketing best practices. You can more specifically focus on your collected leads. These market-leading email marketing tools will result in a greater open rate of your emails.


This is an excellent tool for email marketing, by using Sendinblue you can build your client base effectively. This tool offers various services and features like: 

  • Email Marketing 
  • SMS Marketing 
  • CRM, 
  • Marketing Automation, 
  • Transactional Email, 
  • Build Landing Pages, 
  • Create Sign-up forms, 
  • Chat
  • Inbox
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Retargeting
  • A/B testing
  • Email open rate and CTR improvement

Email marketing:

Creating a professional-looking email is super easy and fast. For making an email campaign, there is no requirement for a professional designer. By using its drag and drop option anyone can make a beautiful email in a short time. 

More than 70 awesome email templates are available to choose from. These templates will make creating an email easier. You can also personalize the emails, by using prospects’ names, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. For the personalization of emails, you need to collect personal data during collecting the email.

Segmentation of emails is an important part of email marketing strategy. By doing the segmentation, you can send relevant emails to your customers. So, listed in different groups is required. Segmenting into different categories of your email lists is the best part of Sendinblue email marketing software.

To improve the open rate of your email you can schedule the sending time of emails as per the segmented lists of your customers. You can fix the sending time as per the demographic of the customers. This is also a process for email marketing best practices. 

SMS marketing:

You can reach the contacts directly through SMS with a personalized message using the SMS marketing feature of Sendinblue. You can also use the SMS feature to inform the customers up to date about your product and services. Similar to email marketing, SMS messages can also be personalized and customized.

A/B testing:

You can do split testing or A/B testing for your email campaign for selecting the right and winning campaign for your prospects. Sendinblue will also provide you exact statistics for your email delivery and open rate. So, you can always improve the email quality.

Live chat:

Sendinblue’s live chat feature is a powerful option to improve customer relationships. When visitors come to your website, they will get real-time support to solve their problems. This is easy to implement by using the live chat feature of this software. Only you need to install chatbox by copy and pasting code from Sendinblue to your website.

Landing page and sign up form builder:

You can create a high converting landing page easily by using its drag and drop page building option. For creating a sign-up form or opt-in form you have to choose from the given template options. Making a follow-up page and thank you page is also very easy.

Sendinblue pricing:

Activecampaign vs. Sendinblue. Email marketing best practices.

There is a free plan available in Sendinblue. The best thing is you can opt for unlimited emails in your account, but you are restricted to send up to 300 emails per day in its free plan. The free plan is really good to start with. Later on, you can upgrade with paid services.

There are three paid plans available in Sendinblue email marketing software. Those are Lite, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

Lite plan:

This plan cost starts from $25/month for sending up to 10000 emails, ends with $99/month for sending up to 100000 emails. There is no daily sending limit for your emails. For any problem, you will get email support instantly. Sendinblue logo removal, A/B testing, and detailed statistics are also available.

Premium plan:

This plan costs $65/month for up to 20000 emails, ends with $599/month for sending up to 1000000 emails. This cost reduced to $58.5/month if you purchase an annual package. In this plan, you will get all facilities of the Lite plan. Additionally, you will get marketing automation, Facebook retargeting ads, multi-user access, and phone customer support.

Enterprise plan:

If you have a special and advanced requirement you can choose an Enterprise plan. The price will be determined as per customer requirements.

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ActiveCampaign is an interactive and market-leading email marketing service that allows you to start growing your company by sending emails. Other features like CRM, SMS, and live chat options are also available. The main features of ActiveCampaign are listed below:

  • Email marketing
  • Segmentation of list
  • Autoresponder
  • Sign-up form creation
  • Personalization of emails
  • Dynamic content
  • A/B testing or split testing
  • CRM
  • Site tracking

Email marketing:

The ActiveCampaign email marketing functionality enables you to develop email newsletters and effective email campaigns that will grab your subscriber interest.

Segmentation of list:

You have absolute freedom to send emails, so you can either send an e-mail to the entire contacts, also can send emails to individuals, or segmented peoples. 


You can create pre-scheduled email campaigns by using ActiveCampaign autoresponder functionality. Once you set your autoresponder email series, your business starts running in autopilot mode. To convert your leads into your paid customer, you can make an automated email funnel. You can execute everything by following every email marketing best practices.

Personalization of emails:

You can collect personal information during the collection of emails through your lead magnet. You can personalize emails by using names, birthdays,s and any other personal information.

A/B testing:

Split testing is always important to select a winning campaign. Run different campaigns at the same time and then go back to ActiveCampaign statistics. Compare different campaign outcomes, like delivery rate, open rate, etc. Choose the winning one and continue with the same.

Sign-up form creation:

This tool allows you to create Sign-up forms of different designs. Just choose from the given templates and insert embedded code to your website to display the Sign-up form.

Landing page creation:

This is easy to create beautiful and high converting landing pages within a few minutes by using drag and drop creator. No coding knowledge and no designing knowledge is required. 

ActiveCampaign pricing: 

Activecampaign vs. Sendinblue. Email marketing best practices.

There is a free trial available for 14 days. In this free trial, you can send 100 emails for 100 contacts. This is just for testing purposes only.

There are four kinds of paid plans available for ActiveCampaign. Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise plan. 

Lite plan:

This plan starting a price of $15/month and ends with the price of $505/month depending on the number of email contacts. The price becomes cheaper if you purchase a yearly plan.

Features of this plan are:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email segmentation
  • Option to send a newsletter
  • The site and event tracking
  • Reporting of campaign and automation

Plus plan:

This plan starts at a price of $70/month and ends with the price of $399/month depending on the number of email contacts. The price becomes cheaper if you purchase a yearly plan.

Here you will get all the features of the lite plan, Including additional features given below:

  • SMS marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook custom audience
  • Custom forms
  • Content scoring

Professional plan:

This plan starting a price of $159/month and ends with the price of $599/month depending on the number of email contacts. The price becomes cheaper if you purchase a yearly plan.

Here you will get all the features of the lite and plus plan, Including additional features given below:

  • Split automation
  • Personalization of the website
  • Reporting of conversion
  • Predictive sending
  • Marketing Attribution

Enterprise plan:

This is a custom plan, the price will be fixed as per your requirement. Here you will get custom reporting, custom mail server, and custom domain.

Sendinblue vs ActiveCampaign, which one is better?

Both the tools are awesome if you want to run the business in autopilot mode. Only you need to set up welcome email, email sequence, transactional emails, as per the requirement. Advanced features like massaging, personalization of the emails will definitely increase sales. Advanced CRM systems will allow you to follow up with the prospects. 

Sendinblue has a much better free plan than ActiveCampaign. Because Sendinblue provides unlimited contacts and 300 emails to send per day, this is absolutely good for beginners to start with. Whereas ActiveCampaign free plan is not good at all.

If we compare, the pricing of Sendinblue is cheaper than ActiveCampaign. 

So, the final conclusion, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign both are excellent tools for email marketing. If you want to focus on sales procedures, you can choose Sendinblue. On the other side, if you focus on marketing, ActiveCampaign is a better choice.

In my personal opinion, I will rate Sendinblue 10 out of 10 and for ActiveCampaign I will rare 9 out of 10. As per my personal perspective, Sendinblue is a clear winner over ActiveCampaign. But the final decision must be taken by you only.

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