Flock Social Review (2023) – With 30% Discount Coupon!


It is now extremely difficult to gain organic followers on Instagram. There are numerous tools available in the internet marketplace to help you grow your Instagram accounts, such as Upleap, Kenji, Socialboost, and others. However, today we will conduct a comprehensive review of the product Flock Social. This Flock Social review will show you how effective this tool is for growing your Instagram account.

When people visit your Instagram account, the number of followers is the first thing they see. As a result, if they notice that you do not have a large following in this area, they are more likely to choose others. So, you’ll require the assistance of an Instagram growth tool. Flock Social is one of the most effective Instagram growth tools I discovered on the internet marketplace.

Why Instagram growth tools?

Instagram growth tools are frequently used to assist individuals and businesses in increasing their platform exposure, reach, and interaction. People may use these tools for a variety of reasons, including…


Growing an Instagram account can take time, especially if you have to manually interact with your intended audience and monitor your progress. These processes are automated by Instagram growth tools, giving you more time to focus on some other aspects of your business.

Targeted reach:

By using focused hashtags, geolocation, and keywords, Instagram growth software can assist you in reaching the correct audience.

Enhanced engagement:

You can increase your engagement and potentially gain more followers by automating tasks like commenting, liking, and following.

Monitoring performance:

Many Instagram growth tools include analytics and tracking features, allowing you to track how your actions are affecting your growth and modify your strategies if necessary.

To summarise, Instagram growth tools can help you save time, increase reach and engagement, and gain valuable insights into your performance. However, in order to avoid having your account flagged or banned, you must use these tools responsibly and within Instagram’s guidelines.

Flock Social Review; Features:

Filtering and targeting:

This feature assists in identifying and limiting the intended audience. Its main objective is to connect you with the best right customers.

Location Tool:

This feature enables you to define and restrict your viewers and followers based on their location.

Target the same types of users:

This is a clever tool that helps you grow your Instagram followers by defining the best relevant accounts. Discovering such accounts is dependent on your interests.

Engagement Feature:

This feature is designed to encourage interaction with the target people. It enables you to identify the target market with minimal effort.

Like and unlike:

Using this feature, you can like Instagram posts that are most relevant to your industry. When you like someone’s posts, you’re telling your audience that you have an interest in the niche. Unliking accounts that have no links in your niche will help you get rid of them.

Follow And Unfollow:

When you follow, you’re telling the audience that you’re interested in what they’re doing. You can unfollow users who show no concern for your industry.

Four simple steps to work with Flock Social:

  • You can create an account by completing a few simple questions.
  • Gather a list of competitors’ accounts that are similar to yours. 
  • Flock social interacts with related viewers.
  • Your Instagram account will grow quickly.

Choose your username and password, and put your full name, and email address to create the account.

The tool will invite accounts that are related to yours in order to analyze the kinds of followers you require, and it will obtain those specific types of followers.

This is accomplished by interacting with all those kinds of Instagram accounts and ultimately converting them to followers.

Is Flock Social a Scam or legit?

Flock Social is completely safe to use for Instagram growth and engagement. In my experience, this tool is effective in growth and involvement which increases the number of followers.

According to Flock Social, they currently operate 5000+ Instagram accounts, which is great. This business is completely open and transparent about the services it offers, which I obviously appreciate.

According to Trustpilot:

Trustpilot has some positive reviews, which is a positive indication and shows that current customers had positive feedback.

Flock Social Trustpilot
Flock Social Trustpilot
Flock Social review

Flock Social Review; Pros:

  • Location-based targeting.
  • Targeting with hashtags.
  • Targeting competitors.
  • Advanced insights and analytics.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Optimization of growth.
  • TikTok growth service is also included.


  • Lack of contact info on their website.
  • Follower retention is less than 90%.

How Flock Social is different?

In comparison to other, relatively new, products on the internet, Flock Social does a larger, quicker, and completely natural task. They have researched Instagram’s algorithm to win the competition. You’re not just getting more followers, likes, and comments, you’re also establishing a reputation and a legitimate community. 

Flock Social Review; Pricing:

There are two types of pricing plans for Flock Social: Instagram Rising Star and Instagram as a Business.

Instagram Rising Star costs $49/month on a month-on-month basis. The price is reduced to $29/month (Total $349 yearly) when billed annually. This plan is best suitable for personal profiles and influencers.

Instagram as a Business costs $99/month on a month-on-month basis. The price is reduced to $49/month (Total $599 yearly) when billed annually. This plan is best suitable for businesses.

Flock Social price monthly
Flock Social price yearly

Discount coupon:

If you simply wish to try their services and save some money, here is the Flock Social discount coupon “FLOCKIG30”. Visit Flock Social’s official website here!

It provides a 30% discount for the very first month of both the plans for Flock Social. Simply enter it during the checkout process.

Flock Social discount coupon

Best alternatives of Flock Social:


Upleap is an Instagram growth tool that can help you grow quickly on Instagram. This can help you gain more followers in your niche.

Nowadays, there is so much competition in each and every niche that it can be difficult to differentiate yourself. Upleap can help you grow your Instagram account in any niche. If your main objective is to grow your Instagram followers, Upleap’s method is extremely focused and beneficial.


Kenji is an Instagram account growth bot. The bot is well-designed, and it can help you achieve effective Instagram growth.

On a specific niche, this bot will like other Instagram account photos, follow other accounts, view stories, and so on. As a result, you will build up a large number of followers. It also communicates with people on your behalf to save you time and make your job easier.

Social boost:

Social Boost is an Instagram real follower growth service, that keeps and grows your account with the help of a team of Instagram Marketers. There won’t be any bots or misleading promises.

Flock Social Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about Flock Social Review. I believe the people behind Flock Social are trustworthy, and I experienced positive results while using Flock Social. Their service is exceptional. The final say is yours. We simply recommend that you exercise caution and conduct your own survey. Furthermore, if you want your Instagram account to grow consistently, use Flock Social.

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