Mangools vs. Long-Tail Pro: keyword research and analysis

Mangools is a tool for SEO (search engine optimization), keyword research and analysis. There are five tools or apps consists inside this SEO tool. Those are listed below:

KWFinder tool for keyword research: 

This is the premium feature of Mangools. KWFinder is one of the finest digital tools used for keyword research.

This is similar to other keyword research tools in the market for keyword research and analysis. Like any other keyword research tool, KWFinder will provide you search volume, CPC, etc. as a result of keyword research for any particular keyword. 

The interface is user-friendly, you will find it simple and the dashboards are easy to analyze, and this is best for newbies. 

KWFinder is really good for testing with any keywords. It will give you several keyword suggestions, monthly search volume, difficulty score, and ranking for the particular keywords.

There you will also get advanced keyword testing functionality, like filtering of the data and SERP analysis.

KWFinder will definitely provide you some interesting keyword ideas, which is great. But is also true that this tool will not give you enough keyword suggestion like SEMrush or Ahref. Still, I would say that KWFinder is an awesome tool for keyword research.

KWFinder Competitors’ keyword analysis is a vital part to rank your website in search engines. You must know the keywords on which your competitors are ranking. KWFinder is a perfect tool to search those keywords by domain analysis of any website.

There are some other positive points of KWFinder are listed below:

This will provide you the level of competition for any keyword.

Multiple options for research are available, like related keywords, autocomplete, and questions.

You will get data aggregation of the complete story.

Filtering options available to handle your analyzed results.

Excellent support is available on live chat.

If you are a beginner and want to rank your website in search results in a short span, KWFinder is definitely the best choice for you.

SERPChecker tool for research of keyword difficulty:

For SERPs complete analysis for a given keyword can be done by the SERPChecker tool. For a particular keyword, you can check the ranking for every page. You can check page authority, Alexa ranking, and more. 


This is a simple rank tracker tool on search engines. There is also an option for tagging important keywords.


This is a backlink checker. Majestic SEO API is used here for linking the index. This is really a useful tool for Mangools.


Here you will get the complete breakdown of the SEO metrics. Once you put any domain into the SiteProfiler, it will provide you a matrix like the number of backlinks and total facebook share, etc.

Mangools browser extension: You can check link authority, backlinks, and more by using Mangools chrome and firefox browser extension.

Mangools pricing: 

There is a 10 days free trial available to experience this awesome SEO tool. No credit card details are required to avail of the free trial. You can easily sign up and can start using it free. You will get access to all the apps in this free trial.

There are three plans available in the keyword research and analysis Mangools SEO tool.

Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, and Mangools Agency.

Details price chart with facilities are given below:

Price and Facilities Mangools Basic plan Mangools Premium plan Mangools Agency plan
Price/month (when billed monthly) $49/month $69/month $129/month
Price/month (when billed annually) $29.90/month $39.90/month $79.90/month
The total number of searches allowed in 24 hours. 100 500 1200
The total number of keywords you can see in every search. 200 700 700
The total number of competitor keywords per domain search.  25 Unlimited Unlimited
The total number of searches by SERPChecker per 24 hours. 100 500 1200
The number of keywords tracked per day. 200  700 1500
Monthly backlink rows. 100000 500000 1200000
The total number of keyword analyses every 24 hours. 20 70 150
The total number of devices logged in at the same time. 0 3 10

Mangools support:

There is a live chat support option available. They will reply to you back quickly when you raise any questions or face any problem related to Mangloos.


The tool is user-friendly, the price is cheap and most of the features are really helpful. So, finally, it’s time to conclude that Mangools is the real worth of money or not. My quick answer is “YES”, this tool is the real worth buying.

If you are a new blogger and don’t want to spend too much on SEO, then you can choose keyword research and analysis tool Mangools. In comparison with Ahref and SEMrush, the price of Mangools is very cheap. $30 in a month for its Basic plan (When billed yearly) is affordable and you will get various super useful features from keyword research to backlink analysis. 

If SEO is the first and last criteria for your business, I mean if the importance of SEO for your business is in the top priority, don’t buy Mangools. If you have enough budget, then you can definitely go with SEMrush.

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Long Tail Pro:

One of the greatest problems for a new blog or a business website is to find the perfect keywords to push a good amount of traffic. This is also difficult to rank quickly on search engines and to increase the sale. The SEO tool Long tail pro will really help you in this regard.

I agree that Long Tail Pro is a good software tool for keyword research and overall SEO. I can conclude this because I use it personally in my blog website keyword analysis for the last two years.

Long Tail Pro, what’s it?

Long Tail Pro is a cloud-based keyword analysis software or a tool that can find out perfect keywords for your website. With low competition, those keywords have the ability to rank your article on search engines. 

Instead of spending money on paid advertisements, it is possible to rank any website article on search results by using low competition keywords. Long Tail Pro can give you the right direction to choose the right keyword for your website.

Why will we choose the SEO tool Long Tail Pro?

Choosing long-tail keywords is the procedure of choosing more specific words. Typically they are less frequent but have a better conversion value than the shorter keywords. To help find the right long-tail keywords you can use the keyword research and analysis software Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro provides related keywords in a large amount based on a keyword sample that you enter. The tool also displays the monthly search volume, bid for the advertiser, word quantity and, the competitiveness of the keywords.

Pros and cons of Long Tail Pro:


  • Long Tail Pro will allow up to entering 5 sample keywords at a time. So, anyone can research keywords in a bulk. As a result, you will get 400 keyword suggestions per sample of keyword input.
  • You can check keyword competitive scores for any particular keyword. Competitive scores stay between 0 to 100. A value below 30 means that the keyword is easy to rank. A score above 40 means it is somewhat difficult to score. If you know the score, it is very easy to understand how difficult to rank it in search engines. 
  • It is easy to handle different projects at the same time for multiple websites.
  • To rank any website on google, a competitor analysis plays a major role. Long Tail pro’s competitor analysis is easy and simple to understand.
  • Long Tail Pro rank tracker is very useful. The findings provide you the details of where you actually rank your niche website. You can quickly observe that your Google rank position in the last week or last month is higher or lower.


  • The manual keyword input limit is 200. I feel that it could be a little higher.
  • For keyword research in bulk, the limit is restricted to 5 only. I personally feel that it could be more.

Free trial:

Long Tail Pro provides 7 days free trial to check the overall functionality and interface. I always recommend taking a free trial first. 

Click the below link to get 7 days free trial. Also, get a 30% discount when you finish your free trial period, by using the special link below. 

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You can also purchase Long Tail Pro at a 30% discount without a free trial, use the link below.

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Long-tail pro offers three kinds of pricing plans. 

Starter, Pro, and Agency.


This costs $37/month. The price reduced to $25/month when you billed annually. 


This costs $67/month. The price reduced to $45/month when you billed annually. 


This costs $147/month. The price reduced to $98/month when you billed annually. 

Detailed pricing and facilities are given in the below chart:

Price and facilities




Price when billed monthly




Price when billed annually




Keyword lookups/24 hours




KC calculator/24 hours




SERP lookups/24 hours




Tracked keywords




Tracked domains




Rank updates




Simultaneous logins 




A complete suite of templates

Not included




KWFinder and Long Tail Pro are almost similar kinds of keyword research and analysis tools. KWFinder will provide little more searches per query. But in comparison to pricing KWFinder is a little costly than Long Tail Pro. My recommendation is to take a free trial for both KWFinder and Long Tail Pro and take the final decision to choose the right SEO tool to use.

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