Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses – Transform Your Passion Into a Business.


Teachable is a platform to create coaching and online courses. Now you can transform any of your expertise into a successful knowledge business. This is the perfect way to explore the potential of creative entrepreneurs. In this article, we will discuss the Teachable platform to create online courses.

Within seconds you will have access to all your requirements to develop online courses and sell them online. The Teachable platform makes it easy to create online courses, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge or skills.

Display the unique perspective of your brand with the personalization tools to manage and customize your content. Know how to develop your own digital school and make and sell your unique online course on the Teachable platform without any technical hazards.

The courses you make on Teachable will look great and anybody can utilize the program easily. You can teach your online student exactly the same way you learn it and that makes the difference.

Easy customization and easy-to-use features make the Teachable platform stand out in the digital marketplace to create online courses. The teachable platform has pre-made sales pages, so you need not worry about building a stunning sales page from the beginning if you aren’t a designer or programmer.

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Teachable Platform to create online courses is best suitable for…

Teachable is for professional bloggers, content creators, or those who want to create and sell online courses to anyone.

Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses

A few exciting features of Teachable are listed below:

Custom domain: 

Under a custom domain, you can easily link your existing website to Teachable.

Customize through power editor:

Utilize Teachable power editor to produce interesting and multimedia speech, videos, and training sessions.

Know the statistics:

Check the complete dashboard stats for number sales and student information.

Create high converting sales page:

Produce great sales pages with the configurable page editor that actually converts.

Can create a team:

Contact the author and some other people to build a team to make you successful.

It’s all unlimited:

Get limitless bandwidth of video, unlimited education and training services, and unlimited students in all paid packages.

One-on-one live session:

Conduct one-on-one live sessions to make close attention to every student.

Host and schedule:

You can schedule and conduct all your tasks without any headache. 

Course completion certificate:

Motivate your students with questionnaires and certificates after completion of courses on the Teachable platform.

Student feedback:

You can use third-party forms and surveys for student feedback to further improve your courses.

Support for spin-up:

Integrate effortlessly with Zapier to take support to the next level with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom, etc.

Flexible pricing:

Provide additional coupons and price options, including subscriptions, membership fees, one-time fees, packages, etc.

Accept international payments:

Accept from more than 130 currencies for worldwide payment and also offers PayPal and mobile pay.

Maximize earning:

They handle all this – first and last touch attribution, conversion pixel support, affiliate payouts, etc.

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No problem related to tax:

They are responsible for EU VAT when you sell using Teachable gateways.

Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses

World-class security:

  • They have dedicated staff in order to resist scammers. 
  • There is efficient hosting for complete data protection.
  • Monitoring 24/7 so you don’t face any downtime.
  • Get instant upgrades with the latest features.
  • A 2048-bit SSL certificate protects the data of your students.
  • Any other security issue can directly contact the support team.

Types of courses live inside Teachable:


Showcase your creative talents and set up a company that you enjoy, whether it is watercolor, writing, cake design, or anything you want. 


Start your personal healthcare clinic online so that your customers can exercise, get diet guidance, and more.

Example – Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness Bootcamp, etc.


Do you feel that your preferred subject is too selective? Thousands of designers make money with Teachable by the specialized subjects. Display and expand via courses online on your distinct knowledge in any sector. Example – Blacksmith, Home cooking, Houseplant care, etc.


Convert one-to-one coaching and counseling into online assisted courses. Examples – Language, 3D design, Music production, etc.


Build your customized Teachable subscription program. Many subjects are perfectly applied for membership on a subscription basis. Example – Trading skills, Marketing, Coding skills, etc.

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Use Teachable services to enrich your clients, train staff, etc. GetResponse email marketing firm uses Teachable to support its global brand certification program.

Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses


There are four types of pricing plans on the Teachable platform.

Free: Explain what you know. Start with the essential features of teachable. Price $0.


  • Students are unlimited.
  • 1$ Plus 10% of transactions.
  • Payouts immediately.
  • The courses are unlimited.
  • Coaching services are unlimited.
  • Bundles of products.
  • Templates of course design.
  • 1 admin-level user.
  • Support for the product.
  • Integrations of the third party.
  • Basic questionnaires.

Basic: Grow with this upgrade with advanced features from the free plan. The price is $39 per month, $29 per month when billed annually. 


It includes all features of the free plan plus…

  • Teachable charges 5% for each transaction.
  • Payouts immediately.
  • Community of members only.
  • Two users at the admin level.
  • Support for the product.
  • Training for the designer of the course.
  • Support for custom domain.
  • Coupon codes.
  • Content for the Drip course.
  • Email marketing integrated.
  • Integrations of the third party.
  • Community of private students.

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This is the most popular plan. Get advanced features to improve the involvement of students. The price is $119 per month, $99 per month when billed annually. 

It includes all features of the Basic plan plus…

  • Transaction costs are not applicable.
  • Payouts immediately.
  • Five users at the admin level.
  • Support for the priority product.
  • Graded quizzes.
  • Advanced reports. 
  • Unbranded website. 
  • Certificates of course completion.
  • Course compliance.
  • Integrated affiliate marketing.
  • Calls for group coaching.

Business: Experience the best. Scale your business to the most powerful category. The price is $299 per month, and $249 per month when billed annually. 

It includes all features of the Pro plan plus…

  • Transaction costs are not applicable.
  • Payouts immediately.
  • Twenty users at the admin level.
  • admins, contact Sales.
  • Support for the priority product.
  • Imports of manual students.
  • Bulk registrations for students.
  • Custom user roles.
  • Customization of the advanced theme.
  • Calls for group coaching.

Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses

Teachable Platform To Create Online Courses


The Teachable platform provides various options that are needed to successfully create and sell online courses. This is absolutely suitable for most individual trainers and small businesses and the prices are very reasonable.

Teachable provides the top courses online. From creative courses to millions of dollars projects, entrepreneurs express confidence in Teachable to create and expand their expertise ventures. So, use the teachable platform to create online courses for a successful online coaching business.

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