10 Exclusive Methods To Generate Content Ideas For Your Blog.

Are you running out to generate content ideas for your blog? This is a common problem for any blogger. Follow below 10 methods and never run out of your content ideas again.

1. Ask your audience:

Follow your audience requirement if your blog is a little older. You can take suggestions from your regular visitors about what kinds of content they want. Provide a feedback form for your visitors to help you generate content ideas that they want from you in your coming blog post. 

But if you don’t have too many visitors to your blog, this method may not work. If you have a Youtube channel related to your blog niche, you can also ask to generate content ideas from your youtube viewers.

Always follow your blog post comment sections. If your audience likes your post they will comment on your article and demand new content on some specific topic. Also, they can give feedback on the improvement of your articles. 

2. Follow your competitors:

Follow what kinds of content your competitors are producing and of course, you can create content on the same topic. There is nothing wrong with borrowing competitors’ topics and generating content ideas. But always try to write better and more informative articles than your competitors.

For example, if your competitor writes an article on “5 best points of on-page SEO technique”, you can write better content like “make your on-page SEO perfect by following these 10 points”. So, write in-depth content and fill the gap that your competitor has not mentioned in their articles. 

3. Take help from Google keyword planner and related searches:

Google keyword planner is a free tool for keyword research. You can get ideas on the related search for any particular keyword inside google keyword planner.   

Also, you can type any keyword on Google and it will show you top searches related to your keyword. From there also you can generate content ideas.

Generate Content Ideas For Your Blog

Google related searches content ideas

4. Google Trends:

Google has all data like what people are searching more on which topic and what is the search volume. We have to leverage Google Trends to generate content ideas. 

For example, if you search “Affiliate marketing” on Google Trend, you will get trending searches on this topic.

I found trending searches in “Affiliate marketing” on US locations like “what is affiliate marketing and how does it work”, “how to start affiliate marketing with no money” and many more. So, you can write articles on these particular trending searches.

Content idea Google Trends

5. Take ideas from Youtube videos:

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. For content ideas, you can search on youtube for related keywords. For example, I searched “email marketing” and I generated content ideas on Youtube. This is an excellent source of finding new content instantly.

Content idea from youtube

6. Leverage Quora:

Quora is a very popular question and answer platform, where people can ask any questions and many people can answer those. You can generate content ideas from Quora on any topic and on any niche. 

I found a branch of questions when I searched “SEO” on Quora, and I can write articles on those questions that I like most. You can do the same by searching on your particular keyword and you will get a lot of content ideas. 

content idea from Quora

7. Answer the public:

Answer the public is a website that can give you trending questions searches in Google on any keyword. This is a huge tool to find out related questions on any topic, and you can find excellent content ideas from this website.

I searched the keyword “Blogging” inside the “answer the public”, and I found a bunch of questions to generate content ideas.

Answer the public content ideas

8. Search for new products in the marketplace:

Every day new products are launched in the marketplace for any niche, and hunting for new products can help you to generate content ideas. You can write reviews for new products and also can earn affiliate commissions at the same time.

 ​9. Tell your own story:

How you learn on a particular subject, a case study or your own success story can be your next motivational blog post. On your own story, you can make several high-quality and attention-grabbing content. By telling your story, you can make a personal brand also.

10. Update existing content with more information:

Enrich your old content with more updated information. This is one of the best SEO practices to improve your search rankings. Gather more information and updates on your existing content and update your content at a certain interval.


So, that’s all about 10 points to get new content ideas with ease. I am pretty sure, if you can follow the above points, you will never run out of new content ideas. I hope this article will be helpful for you to generate content ideas. Thank you very much for reading the article. Also, do not forget to provide your valuable comment, if I missed anything important.