WriterZen Review (2023) – Get high-quality content metrics.


WriterZen simplifies your content creation and conversion process with high-quality content analytics extracted directly from the Google database. In this WriterZen Review, we will deep dive into all the small details of this tool. So, read the article before purchasing it.

With WriterZen, you can discover captivating content ideas, advanced analytics, and customization solutions to outperform your competitors. You can establish domain knowledge and increase organic traffic to your website.

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WriterZen Review; Features:

Topic discovery:

Make a network of related subjects to showcase your knowledge with content ideas that satisfy Google algorithms and connect with customer behavior. Along with extensive keyword research, topic clustering will significantly help you in starting up with a topic.

Keyword research:

  • The average amount of monthly inquiries for a specific keyword over a 12-month period.
  • The amount of interest in a search query allows you to view how frequently a keyword has been searched in the previous year.
  • The average cost of a user clicking on an ad. 
  • Difficulty (%) of beating your competition in Google’s top 20 organic search results.
  • With the Golden Keyword Score, you can rank among the top SERP results by targeting the proper variations of long-tail keywords.
  • Keywords with an increased trend in search traffic for two months in a row are displayed. Assist you in easily categorizing seasonal keywords.
  • With the unique Golden Filter, you can easily find keywords with low competition yet high search traffic.
  • Identify appropriate keywords and save them to generate your own fully prepared database.
  • Learn exactly your money and how to create your content strategy.
  • Get into the SEO industry to find out how well your content with specific keyword sets will perform in terms of income.

Content Creator:

  • Take keywords from competitor pages that increase traffic, have high content relevancy, and are easy to find.
  • Take effective parts from business competitors’ content structures and make them your own.
  • Obtain relevant information from Google Search and Social Media to respond to user inquiries.
  • Create SEO-optimized layouts based on the highest competitors’ trends and practices.
  • To provide your content a boost, use GPT-3-powered A.I. Writing Assistant to discover fresh ideas.
  • Create a lot of blog post concepts and avoid spending time on topics that are not appropriate targets.

Plagiarism checker:

  • Before you share your content, make certain that it is free of plagiarism.
  • A built-in plagiarism checker analyzes the uniqueness of content.
  • Discover the sources of copied content to determine the purpose and scope of plagiarism.
  • Download and provide a detailed plagiarism report.
WriterZen Dashboard

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WriterZen Review; Benefits:

Find out low competition keywords:

WriterZen features a useful filtering method to help you find low-competition keywords. The topic discovery tool will provide the search volume and find information from Ahref and Google, as well as its own algorithm.

Find the hottest trends and headlines:

Before writing an article, topic exploration can help you learn about the newest trends and headlines. Store titles, topics, keyword lists, and content ideas in your own library with ease.

New content ideas:

Show your expertise in a number of topics your visitors may like, and bridge any knowledge gaps.

Data from cutting-edge analytics:

Use Zen analytics to identify keywords that your customers are searching for and categorize them in accordance with the phases of your SEO plan.

The Golden Filter:

Using Allintitle data, choose keywords with high conversion rates but low competition.


Organized and informed help can boost your efficiency and focus.


There are numerous options and resources available to help you complete your task.

Onboarding is simple:

All levels of meaningful data help you get the most out of the tools.

Trustworthy customer service:

Created by experts who build innovative features and updates on a regular basis.

GPT-3-Powered A.I:

To create the most compelling content, the world’s most powerful natural language model GPT-3 was used in WriterZen.


  • Low competition Keyword research.
  • Golden Score of any keyword.
  • Topic Clusters.
  • Trending keywords.
  • Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistant.


  • Less city-level features in keyword research.
  • While verifying Allintitles, their proxies can give inaccurate results.

WriterZen Review; Tools:

Topic discovery:

Writerzen can assist content creators by recommending relevant topics based on search terms or areas of interest. This is extremely beneficial for writers who are stuck for ideas for their next article.

Topic discovery tool will provide you with different catchy headlines. It will provide Google Suggest Insights in different forms like questions, prepositions, and comparisons. The Related Google Searches will give you a complete idea that what exactly people are searching for inside Google.

It will also aid in keyword research by suggesting relevant keywords that you can incorporate into the content to boost SEO. Writerzen investigates competitors’ content for a given search term and recommends topics that are likely to perform well in search engines.

It also aids in the improvement of the marketing strategy by suggesting topics relevant to the target audience. Finally, Writerzen helps content writers save time, improve content quality, and increase traffic and engagement.

Also, you can understand the complete scenario around a topic by following its segments like work, tips, diagnosis, cycling, journey, and many more. 

WriterZen Topic Discovery

Keyword explorer:

Keyword Explorer is a powerful keyword research tool that assists users in finding the best keywords for their content. It employs a proprietary algorithm that connects the entire research process, from keyword list generation to search intent classification.

Users can easily find relevant keywords, understand their competition, and gain insights into which phrases are most likely to convert using Keyword Explorer. In addition, the tool provides detailed search volume data and other metrics to assist you in making informed decisions about which keywords to target in your content.

WriterZen Keyword explorer

Keyword Importer:

Keyword Importer is a tool that allows you to manage your keyword list more effectively. It can be used to check Allintitle data in bulk or to group them into relevant groups. With this tool, you can quickly and easily import large lists of keywords into the system, allowing you to quickly analyze the search engine results page (SERP) performance of your desired keyword list.

Keyword Importer can help you identify profitable keywords and optimize your website for organic search engine traffic. It also allows you to group related keywords into groups so that you can target specific topics with greater precision. This makes it easier for content writers and SEO professionals to create content that is optimized for each keyword group.

WriterZen Keyword Importer

Plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism is a major problem in the world of content creation. It not only has an impact on the quality of your work, but it also has serious legal implications.

As a result, it is important to make sure that you are producing original and engaging content that thrives. This can be accomplished by using a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is free of copied material.

Using Rytr plagiarism checker will allow you to prevent duplicate content and focus 100% on creating original and compelling content that benefits. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your task is free of any copyright violation or legal concerns.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker

Content creation:

Content creation can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Using the right tool, such as Rytr, you can breathe life into your content and create something that your audience will enjoy. 

There are simple steps you can take inside Rytr to ensure your writing is engaging and effective. This tool will help you create winning content by guiding you through the process of researching topics and keywords, linking them together, creating an outline structure, and finally producing the content.

WriterZen Content creator

Why you should grab WriterZen?

It will provide you with the right content ideas:

As a content creator, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry and the topics that your audience is interested in. This can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to cover a wide range of topics. 

However, uncovering new content ideas can help you demonstrate your expertise and fill any information gaps that exist in the marketplace. With the right strategies, you can easily uncover new content ideas that will resonate with your audience and help you stand out as an expert in your field.

Create Contextual Support:

Creating a knowledge hub with contextually related articles is a good way to get search engine bots to crawl your website. By implementing contextual support, you can ensure that bots can crawl and index all of your content. This will assist you in ranking higher in search engine results pages and gaining more organic traffic.

WriterZen can assist you in developing Contextual support, which can be achieved by linking related articles on the same topic together and inserting relevant keywords throughout the content. 

This helps to create a web of information for bots to follow, which improves the probability of them crawling and indexing all of your content. It also assists users in quickly and easily finding the information they seek.

Focus on Competitive Headlines:

Do you want to move up the SERP rankings and increase the visibility of your website? Then one of the best ways to do so is to target competitive headlines. By leveraging topic secrets from your competitors, you can create content that will help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You can use WriterZen competitive headline analysis to determine what topics are driving traffic to your competitor’s websites, and then use that information to create content that is more likely to generate clicks. 

This analysis can also be used to determine which topics are being discussed in the industry and which have the potential for growth. With these insights, you can create content that stands out from the crowd and aids in the ranking of your website.

Make use of User Search Intents:

WriterZen is a revolutionary AI writing assistant that uses user search intents to identify relevant questions and ideas. WriterZen can extract useful insights from Google Suggest to generate content ideas and topics relevant to the target audience. Copywriters can use this tool to quickly generate content ideas that are customized to meet the requirements and interests of their target audience. This makes it simpler for them to write engaging copy for their readers.

WriterZen Review; Pricing:

There are three types of pricing plans for WriterZen: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. 

The basic plan costs $39 per month on a month-on-month basis and costs $27 per month when billed annually. This plan is best for individuals working on a single project.

The standard plan costs $59 per month on a month-on-month basis and costs $41 per month when billed annually. This plan is best for small teams working on numerous projects at the same time.

The advanced plan costs $99 per month on a month-on-month basis and costs $69 per month when billed annually. This plan is best for agencies and large digital marketing organizations.

AI Assistant Add-on costs $99 per month.

WriterZen Price monthly
WriterZen Price Yearly

WriterZen Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about WriterZen Review, this is the best all-in-one keyword research and content research tool in my opinion. WriterZen, with its keyword research, keyword cluster, and AI writer, is a superb one-stop solution and highly recommendable for all bloggers. It is simple to use and delivers extremely clear statistics.

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