How To Write Blog Articles Fast? Follow these 10 points.


Creating blog articles is not an easy task, some times it takes too much time to create new blog content. This is more difficult especially for the new bloggers, who don’t have enough experience to write content. In this article, we will discuss 10 basic points of how to write blog articles fast.

All have a unique way of writing a blog article. Some people write a  blog article very fast while others take too much time. In most cases, the quantity of research required for any type of blog post determines how long it takes to write it. Semrush, KWFinder, and Long Tail Pro are excellent tools to find out the perfect low competition keywords. These keyword research tools will also help you come up with blog post ideas.

Professional blogger says, writing a single blog post around 1800 words takes about 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Are you a new blogger? You can reduce your blog post writing time. Simply go through the below 10 points of how to write blog articles fast. I am pretty sure you can reduce your blog article writing hours.

How To Write Blog Articles Fast?

1. List out your future posts:

Prepare an excel sheet of your future content ideas. A good amount of content ideas allow you to start writing content without waiting and thinking. So, whenever you get some time work on creating future content ideas. 

Whenever something new comes to your mind just write it on your excel sheet. I am just talking about content ideas, the perfect keyword research on the topic you can do before start writing content. You don’t know how to get the content ideas? Read this article >> 10 Exclusive Methods To Generate Content Ideas For Your Blog.

2. Keyword research tools:

Semrush, KWFinder, and Long Tail Pro are excellent tools to find out the perfect low competition keywords. These keyword research tools will also help you come up with blog post ideas. Want to know more about keyword research tools? Read this article>> The 7 Best Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tools For SEO in 2022.

So, use a proper tool to do your keyword research easily and fast. If you are a complete beginner and you don’t have a budget to invest in keyword research tools in the beginning, watch the below video, here I mention a few keyword research tools for free.

3. Create an outline or template for different types of posts:

Break out the complete blog post into different segments. For example, you can break out a review article into introduction, features, benefits, pros, cons, price details, and conclusion. For any general topic, you can break out the article into different sub-headings. This type of blog post always increase the user experience, and also writing these kinds of article is easy for anyone. Do you want to know how to write a high-converting review article? Read this article >> How to write a high converting product review for affiliate marketing?

4. Don’t do the editing while writing:

Editing is a must to polish content and make it get published. Don’t do editing during the writing process. Good writers do not stop to check their content after every sentence. This will slow down your writing process.

Professional writers write articles and edit once they finish writing. If you pause after each line to perfect your blog article, it will take hours to finish it. Instead, put everything together and go back to edit it.

5. Use a few essential tools:

Always use some good tools to improve your writing quality and reduce time to write the article. Grammarly is a chrome extension, this is really an essential tool for bloggers. Grammarly will correct your spelling, and make your sentence perfect. Also, use Canva to create images for your blog.

6. Write a conclusion, if you are stuck somewhere:

Stuck somewhere during writing? Write the conclusion first. Write a conclusion and put all of your thoughts together at the end. Make a recap of your article’s primary points and come back again in the body where you are stuck.

7. Don’t try to be perfect:

It is not possible to be perfect while writing an article. There must be some flaws. But, don’t forget to read your article once your final editing is done. Some sentences may not be perfectly structured, try to make those corrections. Perfection in your content will come with time and experience.

8. Don’t stretch unnecessary, provide maximum value:

Always write an in-depth article. Cover all minute details in your content. Google loves an in-depth and long article. But unnecessary stretching is not a good idea. Your article will get a bad user experience if you make it unnecessary long without providing value, and Google may not rank it.

9. Practice writing every day:

We all know that “practice makes a man perfect”. Writing content is no different in this regard. Read new and valuable content in your niche and then write simultaneously. Every day’s practice will only make you a professional continent writer for your own blog.

10. Take a break before you are exhausted.

Getting exhausted? Don’t try too much, take a break. Let’s walk a while, spend time with your family and friends, and get back to work with a fresh mind.


That’s all about how to write blog articles fast. I am pretty sure if you can follow the above 10 points, you can speed up writing your content. At the same time, you can improve the quality of your article. I hope this article will be helpful for you on your affiliate marketing journey. Thank you very much for reading the article.

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