What are the four best rewriter tools for Bloggers?


There are various article spinners are available in the internet marketplace. But all article spinners are not good for your copies. In this article, we will discuss the four best rewriter tools that will produce human-written content for your online business. Your visitors will like and engage in your content and it will also rank in search engines. 

Spin Rewriter:

Spin Rewriter 12 Review

Spin Rewriter knows the significance of your content. Spin Rewriter is the best choice for digital marketers who require authentic, human-written content in order to rank higher on search engines.

It has the ability to rank your article in Google for a variety of key phrases. Only unique, high-quality content is helpful to your Google rankings. Writing content takes you hours, and hiring a content writer to do it for you is expensive.

Spin Rewriter can help you save money and time. It transforms a single article into dozens of completely unique articles with a personal touch. This is one of the best rewriter tools I found in the internet marketplace.


Compare existing and spun articles:

Compare your original content with your newly spun article easily and side by side. This allows you to see the changes immediately and ensures that your new content is truly unique.

The integration makes use of stock images:

Incorporate the necessary copyright-free images into your articles. Simply choose one, and Spin Rewriter will insert images into your new articles right away.

Export in bulk:

Get up to 1,000 different pieces of content right away. With the click of a single button, you can generate enough content for all of your blogs.

Spinning in bulk:

Spin Rewriter can manage all of your content at once by spinning multiple articles at the same time, allowing you to generate an infinite number of articles in a short period of time.

It is compatible with any device:

This is cloud-based software that is compatible with all devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

Detailed video instruction:

They’ve put together over ten fantastic video lesson bundles. With all of this knowledge, you’ll quickly become a master.

Spintax is available in a variety of styles:

Your Spin Rewriter article can be used with any other system. As a result, all five of Spintax’s most popular styles are supported. Simply choose which one you want to use.

Create paragraph:

Spin Rewriter is capable of extracting data and creating entirely new paragraphs on its own.


Spin Rewriter offers a 5-day free trial. It has three pricing plans: monthly, yearly, and lifetime. The monthly plan costs $47 per month, the annual plan costs $77 per year, and the lifetime plan costs $497 for a one-time payment of $497.

Spin Rewriter 12 Price


The world’s first content writing AI that creates high-performing copy for any platform or style in seconds. You can increase conversions and sales by using AI to craft and optimize your copy.

Anyword provides performance forecast ratings, allowing you to make better choices with less guesswork. When you use it to start creating emails, landing pages, social media posts, and blog articles, you’ll see better results.


Predictive performance score:

Anyword forecasts efficiency for each word in each sentence using artificial intelligence. Their score helps you make more informed decisions about your copy by indicating what will convert.

It is capable of providing insights that no human content writer could ever hope to match. Along with the originally predicted word count, the Predictive Performance Score is displayed.

Make ad copy:

AI can instantly optimize ad copy for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google AdWords. You can easily improve the performance of your ads.

Make a copy for the landing page and the sales page:

Anyword utilizes a set of methods to convert your data into an actionable copy. Anyword provides you with a detailed report based on A/B testing that evaluates which headline, sub-header, product description, and CTA button combination increases your conversion rate. The AI then uses these insights to create a unique writing style for landing pages, sales pages, and more. This is also one of the best rewriter tools.

Articles for blog posts:

With a few clicks, you can create entire, well-written, organized, and engaging blog articles. Every time you use Anyword, you will obtain exceptional content.

The AI analyses your company’s goals, target audience, and keywords to generate blog posts that boost sales at each stage of the sales funnel. With strong content, Anyword can help you save time, increase conversions, and improve your blog traffic.

Write emails and SMS:

Sending out really well-written text messages and emails that encourage your audience to engage and buy things. Anyword creates and optimizes email and SMS content. They are ready to provide you with writing ideas that outperform those of any human writer by analyzing information such as word frequency and average text length.


There are three types of pricing plans for Anyword: Data-Driven Basic, Data-Driven Unlimited, and Enterprise Plan. For basic and unlimited plans you can try a free trial.  The data-Driven Basic plan Starts at $79/month when billed annually. Data-Driven Unlimited plan Starts at $239/month when billed annually. The enterprise plan costs $999/month.

Anyword Price

Jasper AI Copywriter:

Jasper AI copywriter is a tool for writing blog articles, social media posts, website content, and other sorts of unique content. Hiring a content writer is costly, Jasper will do the article writing work quickly.



True artificial intelligence:

You can utilize true AI to create blog posts and stories. the simplest technique to create original content that captures the attention of readers.

Create a blog post quickly:

You can simply produce blog posts or any other sort of content by combining many copywriting tactics in a single document. 

Surfer SEO:

By working with Surfer SEO, you can improve the ranking of AI content for important queries. Jasper will benefit from the interaction with Surferseo.com in the process of optimizing your blog content so that it can rank.

Translate into 26 Languages:

Create content and it’ll be translated into 26 additional languages. Jasper is proficient in 26 languages, which comes in handy if you have clients from all over the world.

Copy 5 times quicker:

Jasper AI copywriting Docs allows you to create your first copy 5 times faster than ever before. Increase the efficiency of your article creation by allowing Jasper to write 80% and then edit the rest 20%.

Command the AI to create content:

Jasper Commands is a powerful tool that allows you to specify exactly what you want Jasper to include in your content.

Grammarly included:

By integrating Grammarly, you can enhance your grammar and correct spelling mistakes in Jasper Docs.


There are two types of pricing plans in Jasper: Starter and Boss Mode. The starter plan starts at $29/mo up to 20,000 words. Boss Mode plan starts at $59/mo up to 49,000 words. 

WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewriter Plugin:

WordPress Auto Spinner automatically rewrites WordPress articles, creating brand new fresh content by removing words and phrases with synonyms on autopilot using its installed synonyms database or, optionally, one of the best spinning services APIs such as SpinRewriter API, WordAi.com, TheBestSpinner.com, etc.

WordPress Auto Spinner


Spin WordPress posts automatically:

WordPress Auto Spinner is a rewriter plugin for WordPress that changes post terms and phrases with synonyms.

Spin the title and slug of a WordPress post:

The WordPress auto spinner allows you to spin both the post headline and the post slug.

Rewrite an existing article:

Spin previously published posts by simply selecting which ones you want to spin, and the plugin will queue them up for spinning.

Use a manual user interface to make changes to a rewritten post:

You can use a simple interface to review the spun article before posting it and change re-written synonyms. Simply hover over the rewritten word, and a list of synonyms will appear, allowing you to change the current synonyms.

Total command over synonym databases:

You can add, edit, or remove synonyms sets using an easy-to-use interface.

Custom thesauruses are supported:

In addition to the built-in synonyms, you can create your own thesaurus using an intuitive interface.

Reserve main words:

You have the option to save words that you do not want spinning.

Support for excluded categories:

You can exclude certain categories from being auto-spinner.

Spin manually written posts:

The plugin has the ability to spin manually written posts.

Custom post types:

WordPress spinner can spin custom post types.

There is no limit to the number of articles that can be spun:

Because the plugin uses its own synonyms databases, it does not need outside spinning services.

Custom post types are supported:

WordPress auto spinner can be used to spin custom post types.

There is no limit to the number of articles that can be spun:

No external spinning services are required because the plugin uses its own local synonyms databases.


The plugin costs a $27 one-time price.


So, these are the four best rewriter tools that will fulfill your content creation requirement. By using these four tools, you will get unique content with a human touch. That’s all for today, thank you for reading the review article.

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