Blog niche selection – How to select the best niche for your next or new Blog?

Are you thinking to start your new blog? That’s great! Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. In this article, you will get some ideas for blog niche selection.

Before starting a new blog a few things you need to keep in mind. The first and most important thing you have to decide is your niche. After giving massive effort to your blog you may fail if your blog niche is wrong. 

This is the reason, I am writing this article to help you to choose the right blog niche for you. Also, I will give you some hot and trending niche ideas here. 

What exactly mean niche?

Niche is a topic that you found yourself interested in and comfortable discussing. A niche audience is the group of audiences that is interested in that particular niche. So, your audience must be interested in that particular niche you are providing values. 

If someone wants to share his or her experience on a particular topic or subject, we can say that this person has knowledge in that particular niche. So, this is a confined or targeted space where you can serve or can provide knowledge is called a niche.

How to choose the best blog niche?

Before choosing any niche for your new blog, ask yourself few questions:

  • Do you have an interest or a passion for this particular niche?

Starting and growing a blog is not work for a week or for a month. You need to keep patience to get proper results. 

To start getting results you need a minimum of six months and sometimes more than a year. This time span depends on the niche you are working and of course how much effort you are putting to grow your blog. 

Publishing one post in a week is good enough to start. The basic problem for any new blogger is they start losing interest after publishing few posts. Because in initial days you will not get any traffic or very less number of traffic in your blog. 

This is the reason you need passion and interest in that particular blog niche. If you have passion you can continue writing posts without getting bored.

  • Is this topic really attract people or there are enough people interested in this niche?

Whatever the niche coming in your mind, check that is a trending niche or not. That means there must be enough people interested and definitely, people are searching enough on that topic. 

You can take help from google trends. Google trend will tell you whether your blog niche is trending on not. Just check the search volume on that particular keyword.

  • Are there various monetizing ways on your niche?

There are different methods of monetizing your blog. The first method of monetizing is ads. You can get approval from Google Adsense or some other ad network to monetize your blog. Check the average CPC of the related keywords close to your blog niche. Because clicking on some keywords will pay you more and some are less.

Blog niche selection

Another best way to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. Check there are enough problem-solving affiliate products are available or not in your blog niche. Also, check the price of the product and the percentage of commission. There must be enough low-ticket and high-ticket types of affiliate products available in your niche.

There are many other ways also to monetize a blog, like SAAS business, online course, etc. Check other ways also that your niche is suitable for those or not. I am not going into a detailed discussion of those monetizing methods here.


Here I am providing you 10 best trending blog niche ideas. I feel this will help you a lot.

  • Health and fitness.
  • Make money online.
  • Travel.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Food.
  • Personal development.
  • News.
  • Movie and music.
  • Fashion.
  • Finance & Investment.

How to write your articles?

Once you selected your niche, now it’s time to write high quality articles. Suppose you choose a digital marketing blog niche for your new blog. 

Take the help of google to find out articles related to your niche. Find out articles related to your niche on google. Here you can take the help of “”. This website will help you to find out popular articles for any ranked website on Google. 

Do not copy anything from any other website. Just read good articles, take ideas, and rewrite them. Copy and paste articles on the website you will face copyright issues. Google will never rank copyrighted websites and they will never give you AdSense approval.

Blog niche selection

Start with microniche first and expand later:

Google loves micro niche websites in the initial days of your blog. That is the reason this is good to start with a microniche. For example, consider you choose your niche as digital marketing. This is a broad blog niche. 

There are a lot of things inside digital marketing like email marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc. This is better to start with any specific topic like email marketing or affiliate marketing. Email marketing and affiliate marketing are micro-niches here. 

You can definitely expand your topic when you start getting traffic slowly. Then you can start writing articles anything about digital marketing. 

But keep in mind, never mix up another niche topic on the same website. For example, never write articles about weight loss on your digital marketing niche website.  


A perfect niche for your new blog is a combination of passion, money, and audience. Start reading articles in your blog niche every day to grow your knowledge. 

Also, watch many youtube videos. When you learn more your articles will be more valuable and in-depth in any topic of your niche. 

In the initial days of your blog, you may not get traffic or very little traffic. Don’t get bored or frustrated. Getting traffic depends on various factors like keyword research, SEO, backlinks, etc. I am not going into details discission on those topics in this article. 

Once you start getting traffic to your website you can get exponential growth. So, leverage your passion and start your new blog today.