Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review.


Cloudways managed WordPress hosting is a great option if you really want a stable and robust web hosting service for your WordPress website. In this Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review, we will go through all features and benefits of this hosting service provider to make you understand how fast and efficient this hosting service is for your WordPress website.

Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting for individuals, businesses, and eCommerce owners that are known for their great reliability and consistency. Users may also choose up to five cloud platforms from a range of alternatives in the offering.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting is best suitable for…

  • Individuals who want to create a blog or a review website.
  • Owners of e-commerce businesses.
  • Any digital marketing or web development agency owner.
  • Owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review; Features:


The most important factor of any website is its uptime. The Cloudways WordPress-hosted websites have maintained 99.99% uptime, and this performance is absolutely amazing for any website.

TTFB (Time to first byte): 

Universal TTFB is an important test for seeing how a hosting provider operates in various locations throughout the world. 

The test is critical for sites that receive visits from different geographical locations. Cloudways has an incredible average worldwide TTFB of roughly 375 ms.


Cloudways has a customized Cpanel with such a great and easy interface. Few excellent Cpanel features are server monitoring, free cache plugin, single-click CDN, server cloning, etc.


The most important issue of your website is its web hosting privacy and security. You must verify the security features before selecting any hosting service.

Cloudways WordPress hosting offers two-factor authentication, dedicated firewalls, security patching, Encrypt SSL, IP whitelisting, bot prevention, and a variety of other security options.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review

Excellent customer support:

Cloudways WordPress hosting employs the best support staff to assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat and ticket option. 

They also feature intelligent and competent customer service, as well as extra assistance facilities for individuals who want quick support.


It has built-in StackPath-powered CDNs with unique features like effective intelligence optimization, minimized TTFB, and excellent caching. Cloudways has an attached CDN in all of its plans for a simple CDN setup.

Core Web Vitals:

Page experience of Google is a significant indication that examines how visitors feel while engaging with a web page.

Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that examine the page’s loading speed, engagement, and overall consistency.

Cloudways has the Average Largest Contentful Paint between 0.550 to 0.600, the Average Blocking Time of 0 ms, and the Average Cumulative Layout Shift is 0, which is excellent.

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Load testing: 

Cloudways WordPress hosting monitors client load for 250 ms, which means1000 Customers in 1 minute.

Server response time:

The server Response time test is an important test for determining customer service. This is significant since the success of your website is dependent on the effectiveness of your server. The server response time for the Cloudways website is around 300 ms, which is awesome.

Free easy migration:

They will relocate your website from any web hosting service to Cloudways absolutely for free without disrupting your current site hosted on the old host. so there is no worry about transfer complexity and difficulties.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review

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Free SSL certificate:

Secure your website for free with quick and easy SSL certificates.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review; Price details:

Because of the many plans and platforms, Cloudways pricing might be confusing to newbie users. So, I have provided the prices and benefits of each Cloudways subscription.

There are Managed Hosting Plans That Are Suitable for All. You can pick any plan with any Data Center since Cloudways offers 5 distinct cloud platforms, those are:

  • Digitalocean Plans.
  • Linode Plans.
  • VULTR plans.
  • AWS Plans.
  • Google Cloud plans.

Digitalocean cloud platform Standard plan starts at $10 per month and ends at $80 per month. Whereas the premium plan starts at $12 per month and ends at $96 per month.

Linode platform plan starts at $12 per month and ends at $90 per month. 

VULTR platform Standard plan starts at $11 per month and ends at $84 per month. Whereas High-frequency plans start at $13 per month and end at $100 per month.

AWS platform plan starts at $36.51 per month and ends at $274.33 per month.

Google Cloud platform plans start at $33.18 per month and end at $225.93 per month.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review Price

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Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review; Conclusion:

Finally, Cloudways WordPress hosting provides you to sign up for a three-day free trial without the need for a credit card and enjoy a great hosting platform.

That’s all about Cloudways WordPress Hosting Review. Cloudways includes a variety of features to guarantee that none stands in the path of you meeting your goals and focusing on your success.

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