Linode Hosting Review – Powerful Cloud Hosting Service.


Linode is a cloud hosting company with over 400,000 clients globally with eight data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. In this Linode Hosting Review, we will go over all of the features and benefits of this hosting service to help you decide whether it is worth it. So, before you buy it, read this review article.

Linode provides high-performance cloud hosting, allowing you to quickly set up a dependable cloud server by utilizing industry-leading native SSD storage over a 40 Gbit network.

Linode is a cloud hosting provider known for its high-performance, lightning-fast SSD Linux servers. Christopher Aker created Linode in 2003, and the company has grown tremendously since then.

Linode has evolved into a worldwide business throughout the years. This virtual private server (VPS) company is mostly focused on cloud hosting at the moment.

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Linode Hosting Review; Features and benefits:

Control Panel is Simple to Use:

The control panel layout is well-designed and simple to use. After you’ve created your account, which takes almost no time and is quite easy, you’ll be taken to the Cloud Manager. 

This is where you’ll control all of your cloud servers and databases, as well as billing and user data. Everything is easy to find, speedy, and clear. I created a number of VPSs and deployed a load balancer in only a few minutes.

Excellent Uptime:

One of Linode‘s main advantages is its high uptime. This functionality should be anticipated by all businesses, especially in the current situation. Linode guarantees 99.9% server uptime. Its network of 40 Gbps is ideal. In addition, Intel E5 CPUs are the fastest in the cloud market.

Speed and performance:

Linode‘s servers use AMD EPYC Intel Processors, which are among the best on the market. AWS and Google Cloud both employ this technology. 

There are also various free speed-boosting apps available. OpenLiteSpeed WordPress is now available, and it comes with everything you need to build a lightning-fast WordPress-powered website. 

Linode has the ability to function at the enterprise level that AWS and Google Cloud do. And its processors are also fast.


There is no free automated backup method, however, an update is available. The Linode Backup Service will automatically backup your VPS on a daily, weekly, and biweekly basis.

You are not paid according to the amount of storage utilized by your backups. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee based on the setup of your VPS. Backups are only saved locally.

Versatile and secure:

Linode is excellent for developers who need a variety of cloud hosting solutions. Don’t expect to discover many web hosting-specific features. But, all plans provide free hosting security features, such as robust DDoS protection. Get free access to a Cloud Firewall and VLAN service with certain restrictions.

Dedicated CPU:

In the Linode system, independent CPU instances run through their own CPU cores. There will be no sharing of the processor with some other instances.

Shared CPU:

Reasonably priced Shared CPU plans are excellent for normal workloads and feature a huge quantity of free bundled transfers.

Kubernetes cluster:

Use the container orchestration technology to deploy Kubernetes clusters.

DNS Manager:

Linode’s DNS Manager is a sophisticated interface inside the Linode Cloud Manager that offers you total control over DNS records.

Linode VLAN:

Make a private Layer 2 network for your Linodes to communicate securely.

Linode API:

With access to Linode products and services, you can easily set up, control, and implement user management, invoicing support tickets, and much more.


Linode lets you use the tools you already use. Tools for managing and optimizing your cloud services that are simple to integrate.

Cloud manager:

Cloud Manager is an easy-to-use interface for deploying and managing virtual servers, configuring networking, and managing user accounts.


StackScripts allows you to use simple scripts to automatically set up fresh Linode instances. Make your own or go through the community StackScript collection.

Managed Databases:

Database management service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Configure a managed database cluster in operation as soon as possible. Cloud Manager is a simple and mobile interface for deploying and managing virtual machine instances, configuring networking, and managing user accounts.

Excellent customer support:

Customer service is accessible 24×7 and can be reached in a variety of ways. You can reach me through phone calls and emails. You may also join a specific IRC channel run by Linode personnel, which is somewhat unique

Linode phone call support is quick, but sometimes they put you in the queue for an answer. In my experience, obtaining a response via email takes a couple of hours, which is standard.

Data centers:

Linode has 11 data centers throughout the world. When researching your alternatives, take into consideration that not every solution is accessible for every data center. The following is a complete list of Linode server locations:

London, Frankfurt, Atlanta, Fremont, Mumbai, Newark, Sydney, Tokyo, Dallas, Singapore, and Toronto.

Linode data centers

Global Permissions:

Allow users to add Linodes, products, and domains, as well as create images, use StackScripts, etc.

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  • Outstanding performance.
  • Setup is quick and easy.
  • Cutting-edge hardware.
  • A wide range of server choices is available.
  • Cloud-based solutions that are reasonably priced.
  • There is a global network of data centers to select from.
  • Robust security.
  • Great speed.
  • Outstanding support.


  • For backups, there is an additional expense.

Linode Hosting Review; Price:

Dedicated CPU Plans start price at $30 per month with 80 GB SSD Storage and 4 GB ram.

Shared CPU Plans start price at $5 per month with 25 GB SSD Storage and 1 GB ram.

High Memory Plans start price at $60 per month with 20 GB SSD Storage and 24 GB ram.

GPU Plans start price at $1000 per month with 640 GB SSD Storage and 32 GB ram.

Linode Shared CPU pricing

Linode Dedicated CPU pricing

Linode Hosting Review; Conclusion:

Linode delivers the price, support, and capacity you need to take your concepts to the next step, whether you’re focusing on a personal project or maintaining your company’s current infrastructure.

Linode is preferred by customers who expect superior customer service. Linode’s goal pushes to a higher level, where the client is at the center of all.

That’s all about Linode Hosting Review. Linode is the ideal solution for organizations globally, with award-winning service, enterprise-ready hardware, and the greatest price-to-performance ratio in the industry.

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