Skillshare Course Review – Discover thousands of interactive creative lessons.


Skillshare’s online learning platform allows you to acquire new skills and achieve genuine progress with so much to discover, and actual projects to build, and they encourage others creators. In this Skillshare Course Review, we will go through all of the platform’s features and benefits to help you understand how good the platform is for online classes.

With the Skillshare software, you can learn a lesson on the move. Watch on the flight, metro, or anywhere you study best. Continue your artistic path without waiting. Skillshare’s short online classes assist you in finding motivation that suits your schedule.

Discover new abilities, strengthen old passions, and find yourself in creation. Whatever you discover might wonder and amaze you.

Why Skillshare?

Skillshare is an educational platform featuring hundreds of courses for creatives and businesses. It covers art, design, photography, video, freelancing, and other disciplines.

Skillshare is a digital training network that believes it is vital for its members to be able to gain inspiration, engage with one another, and move forward in their inventive journey.

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Best suitable for…

If you are looking for formal training or a certificate course, Skillshare is not for you. This online educational platform is designed for professionals who wish to gain specific abilities or better on areas they already have knowledge of. 

Skillshare is targeted toward creative people such as designers, cooks, artists, freelancers, and small enterprises that will benefit the most.

Skillshare benefits

Skillshare Course Review; Features and benefits:

Unlimited access to courses:

You don’t have to choose what you want to study, and you never have to wonder whether you’re making a major mistake by picking the incorrect course.

If you have the time to invest in online learning, Skillshare is an excellent value. If you simply wish to learn a few subjects at a time, you can take many courses, even multiple courses on different topics. For example, you may study both video creation and video editing, resulting in a very wide skill set.

Also, with unlimited courses, if you take a course and don’t like it, you can simply pick another course to study the topic. There are no disappointments or lost money.

Learning in the community:

Participants registered in a Skillshare course can engage with other learners to share advice, discuss performance, reply to each other’s queries, and so on.

So, in addition to studying from your phone or computer, you’ll have the opportunity to join a community of individuals who are interested in the same things as you. This will keep you engaged and may possibly lead to connecting opportunity.

Skillshare also provides groups on a variety of topics. This allows you to meet people of similar passions and exchange ideas, projects, cooperate, and more.

Learning and development:

They have everything you need to become innovative and creative, motivated creators, and enthusiastic leaders, from art and design abilities to soft skills like managing people.

Any type of courses:

Learning that is flexible to the demands of the company as well as your own. Skillshare has short courses, project-based learning, and over 35,000 courses in its portfolio, so it can accommodate any learning style.

Personalized courses:

Individual development with appropriate content. They make informed suggestions and design high-quality customized class lists that motivate you to achieve immediate improvement.

Achieve great innovative levels:

As the leading platform for active learning, they provide you with an unparalleled database of unique content to assist your production team members in achieving new heights of talent and creativity.

Keep up with the latest trends:

It might be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Skillshare makes it simple for your company to remain ahead of the trend and build an innovative culture by connecting with innovative leaders and professionals.

Engage with ease:

Their training is 2x more engaging than the industry average because it is consumable, adaptable, and hands-on. Your user-friendly admin interface streamlines the process of onboarding and administering your staff.

Encourage good health and happiness:

Work together to help your employee know what wellness means to them so that they may live happier, healthier, and more peaceful lifestyles.

Flexibility to accommodate any schedule:

Skillshare may fit in with any timetable and accommodate every learning style, with bite-sized courses, hands-on experiences, and over 35,000 courses in their on-demand catalog.

Skillshare Revive


  • You will get unlimited access to thousands of lessons.
  • Over 30,000 courses in various categories are available on Skillshare.
  • You may test Skillshare for free for 30 days before investing money. 
  • There are many excellent courses to pick from.
  • Usually, courses involve a project, which makes the process more exciting and enjoyable.
  • Training is broken down into different sessions that you may do on your own time.
  • You can study the travel using Skillshare’s app.
  • Each training you take is focused on teaching you a single skill very fast.
  • The knowledge you learned on Skillshare may be applied in the real world.
  • Skillshare emphasizes project-based training, which is an excellent method to learn new skills.
  • Skillshare is fairly inexpensive. You may obtain a 30-day free trial also.
  •  Skillshare frequently invites famous instructors.
  • Skillshare offers thousands of free courses.


  • When you complete a Skillshare course, you will not receive a certificate. You will only receive knowledge and skills.
  • Few Skillshare training is outdated.

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Skillshare Course Review; Price:

There are three types of pricing plans in Skillshare: Starter, Enterprise and Revive. 

The Starter plan is best suitable for teams of 2-19 people.

This plan costs $159 USD per user, per year.

  • Unrestricted access to over 35,000 classes.
  • A unique and personalized experience for each individual.
  • Simple admin capabilities.
  • There are casting, offline, and mobile different options.

The Enterprise plan is best suitable for teams of more than 20. There is a Custom Pricing for this plan.

  • Get everything from the Starter Plan.
  • A customer success manager who is committed to your success.
  • Customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports.
  • Customized class listings.

The Revive plan is most beneficial for teams of 51 or more. There is a Custom Pricing for this plan.

  • Selected wellness listings and offers.
  • Onboarding and engagement assistance.
  • Reporting and analytics are performed twice a year.

Skillshare Price

Skillshare Course Review; Conclusion:

The online training platform Skillshare provides you with quick access to hundreds of new skills, projects, and tools, as well as a community of motivated learners. It is simple to obtain high-quality courses that cover areas such as technology, business, creativity, and lifestyle.

Skillshare, in my opinion, is a fantastic, legitimate platform for anyone searching for high-quality, structured unlimited lessons and workshops at a very low cost. I personally use the platform to learn something new from it, and I found only positive things inside Skillshare. I hope this Skillshare Course Review will be helpful for you to make the right purchasing decision for this tool.

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