RoboForm Password Generator – You won’t have to memorize passwords ever.


RoboForm keeps all of your passwords safely and enters you in with a single click. Utilizing autofill, you can save time inputting personal information. RoboForm password generator will provide a secure and distinctive password. Now you don’t need to use the same or poor passwords for all.

How exactly does it work?

Make an account for yourself:

With your own email address establish a Master Password to create your RoboForm profile. Your all data is protected by this Master Password. Keep in mind, this is the only password you have to remember.

Enter your passwords for different accounts:

Input all your passwords or import them. RoboForm securely stores all your passwords.

Log in quickly on all devices:

Log in to any of your accounts from RoboForm, which is compatible with all operating systems. You’ll don’t ever forget any password again to web access and plugins for all browsers.

RoboForm Password Generator Features:

Log in with a single click:

No need to put usernames and passwords anymore. RoboForm automatically logs you into websites with your created account with a single click. You can use the AutoFill or choose a RoboForm Login.

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It captures passwords during browsing:

Continue browsing the web as normal, and RoboForm will take the password and store it without any extra action on your part.

RoboForm Password Generator business

Access it anytime and at any location:

Different devices are supported, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all other browsers.

Sync your passwords:

The RoboForm syncs all of your passwords on all the devices and browsers.

Access in offline:

RoboForm data can be accessed offline through desktop and mobile. 

Organize your passwords:

Keep all of your passwords in convenient files, and can easily access everything.

Easy search option:

Now no need to recover your passwords. Just use RoboForm’s powerful search options, and save your time.

Get started quickly:

Just log in and set up the RoboForm account quickly and effortlessly. RoboForm can be up and operating instantly.

Switch between browsers:

You can switch between browsers without fear of stealing passwords. RoboForm is compatible with all browsers.

Import and Export:

Import passwords from all popular password managers. CSV import and export are both supported.

Create strong, and unique passwords:

Allow RoboForm’s password generator to generate strong, and unique passwords for all your accounts.

RoboForm Password Generator works


Now don’t use the same password for different websites.  Check out the Security Center to discover how you stand.


If you want to give anyone an entry to a password or a folder containing sensitive data,  Share them safely in RoboForm without revealing important data.

Emergency Access:

Allow an authorized person to access your RoboForm data in the case of death, incapacity.

Credit card storing:

If you left your card at home and forgot about it,  RoboForm gives you immediate access to your payment card and invoice data.

Fill out online forms:

RoboForm Identification can be used to fill out any online form with a single click.


You can keep a software license key or a Wi-Fi password hidden from inquisitive people, just make use of RoboForm Safenotes.

Passwords for Windows applications:

RoboForm not only remembers online passwords but also Windows program passwords like Skype, Outlook, etc.

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24×7 support:

Customers of RoboForm Everywhere enjoy priority customer service 24×7. The live chat service is also accessible.

Help Desk:

Search the large knowledge source for assistance on popular user concerns and answers to commonly asked inquiries.

Is RoboForm safe and legit?

Yes, RoboForm is very secure and legit software. Its server is secured with AES256, the highest encryption available. RoboForm data is always secured and encrypted locally, never on servers. 

All of your data is protected by a single master password that is required to be remembered. Moreover, RoboForm has a number of security measures to assist you in keeping your passwords secure.

The security features are…

Encryption that is strong:

RoboForm employs AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 to guard against the dictionary, brute force, and other attacks. Just at the user end is decryption possible. Your decryption key is never transmitted to the server.

Authentication using Multiple Factors:

Add an additional degree of security to your account. TOTP-based authentication programs such as Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator are supported by RoboForm.

Roboform Pricing:


In the free plan, you simply need to install the Roboform chrome extension. 

Features are…

  • Unlimited logins.
  • Fills forms.
  • Password audit.
  • Roboform Password generator.


Roboform everywhere costs $1.99 per month, billed annually.

Features are…

  • Access on all devices
  • Account data backup
  • Share logins securely
  • Premium 24/7 support


Roboform Family costs $3.98 per month, billed annually.

Features are…

  • 5 Everywhere accounts
  • Access on all devices
  • Account data backup
  • Share logins securely
  • Premium 24/7 support

RoboForm Password Generator price


Roboform business starts at $3.35 per month, billed annually.

RoboForm for Business is a password generation and centralized administration platform for enterprises.

Firms can easily enroll all workers, delegate permissions, create security rules, provide credentials, and examine reports using the sophisticated and powerful tool.

Features are…

  • Easy user onboarding.
  • Centralized management.
  • Active Directory integration.
  • Role-based permissions.
  • Full separation of business
    and personal passwords.
  • Unlimited sharing groups.
  • Security policy deployment.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Pay as you go – No contracts.

RoboForm Password Generator price


RoboForm is a fantastic password management tool in general. The user interface is really simple to use, and password storage is quick.

I really appreciate all of the security features, as well as everything, is encrypted locally. That’s all about RoboForm Password Generator and its features. Thanks for reading the article.

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