Bambee HR Review – Hire a Dedicated HR Manager.


Bambee is software that will act as your personal human resources manager. This tool will assign you a dedicated HR manager that assists you in developing HR policies and understanding compliance. In this Bambee HR Review, I will discuss all features and benefits to know everything about this software. 

Bambee is the very first professional HR management platform designed specifically for small enterprises. This software assists your company with employee onboarding, dispute settlement, layoff, state and federal HR regulation, and more. It also gives you general HR strategy and direction through your own specialized HR Manager.

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Bambee HR Review; Exciting features:

Get Policy Development, Implementation, and Administration:

Whether sexual assault or unbiased to paid time off and sick leave, Bambee will work with you to develop and execute HR policies throughout your organization.

E-Signatures for Important Paper Records:

Introduce your employees to Bambee, in which they can create directories, see messages, and read and approve essential documents using the safe e-signature system.

Internal Regulatory and Organizational Folders for Employees:

Employee folders guarantee that the correct files are visible, compliant, and signed by everyone on your team.

Bambee HR Review

Intelligent Records Management Cabinet:

Some federal and state regulations require that some business files be kept for a specific amount of time. Bambee Tools assists in meeting retention requirements.

Unrestricted Direct Access With The HR Manager:

Throughout business hours, entrepreneurs can contact the HR manager via phone, email, or direct chat.

Employees’ Opinions:

Every employee has the right to be heard. Company employee Voices is a meaningful chat service that allows staff to engage with their human resources management. The service is incorporated within the Bambee platform, it is simple to set up and operate. This will enable Integrity, resolve conflict and allow for a Healthy Workplace.

What exactly Bambee will do for you?

When you sign in to Bambee, they will start gathering information about your personnel and current Human resource processes. No matter, there may be various mistakes in your existing HR policies.  They will assist you in determining what needs to be revised to ensure you’re in compliance with state and federal standards.

Get a dedicated Human Resources Manager. When they will discover any loopholes in your HR processes, they will develop a plan for putting your company up and running quickly. Also, Bambee assures you stronger security against any possible threats.

Bambee offers important HR practices that every organization need, such as creating the correct HR rules, education, and employee onboarding, and more. Bambee also assists you in providing frequent feedback to your staff as well as learning their problems that they may hesitate to raise to you personally.

Your HR Manager will walk you through every phase and answer all of your questions. Whenever you need to dismiss an employee, they will walk you thru the hazards and assist you in doing so securely. 

Watch the official demo video below:

Bambee HR Review; HR materials…

  • Offer Letter.
  • Policy on Sick Leave.
  • Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • HIPAA Notification.
  • Non-Solicitation Agreement.
  • Policy on Harassment and Discrimination
  • Employee Notification.
  • Non-Competition Agreement
  • Dress Code Regulations.
  • Policy on Meals and Breaks
  • Policy on Absenteeism and Tardiness
  • Smoking Policy.
  • PTO Rules.
  • Policy on Social Media.
  • Agreement with an Independent Contractor
  • The Pet Policy.
  • Gift Policy.
  • Bereavement.
  • Policy on Remote Work.
  • Fraternization.
  • Policy on Substance Abuse.
  • And more.

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  • A committed human resources manager.
  • A thorough human resources audit.
  • HR compatible policies.
  • Onboarding and dismissal of employees
  • HR advise from a professional.
  • Staff development and training
  • Work on your to-do list.


  • Custom HR plans are sometimes tricky and difficult to implement.

Bambee HR Review; Pricing:

Bambee HR Price

Bambee HR Price

Bambee’s month-to-month plan starts from $99 to $299 depending on the number of employees. Also, there is a custom plan. You will get a 20% additional discount when you will bill it annually. 

Bambee HR Review; Conclusion:

Bambee offers a great combination of smaller and bigger firm HR professionals. So, if you have one staff or 1000, Bambee offers the ideal Human Resources manager for your company.

Bambee can guide you across all risky HR and layoff circumstances for your company and advise you all through the procedure. This will give you appropriate documentation and HR regulations in the future, to avoid any litigation. I hope this Bambee HR Review will be helpful for you to make the final purchasing decision of Bambee.

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