WP Slider Revolution – The Versatile WordPress Slider Plugin.


WP Slider Revolution plugin is a key tool for making responsive WordPress sliders, web pages, and great graphics even if you have no prior expertise.

Surprise your customers with stunning responsive web designs that appear great on any device. The best part? You don’t need any prior experience.

With amazing effects, animations, and eye-catching designs, you may satisfy extremely high standards. Everything is in your hands by using the drag-and-drop builder.

WP Slider Revolution Features:

A Smooth Content Creation Environment:

WP Slider Revolution’s objective is to provide its users with the best possible experience. Slider Revolution 6.0 has an enhanced visual builder with all settings easily grouped, allowing you to work smoothly on your WordPress website.

You’ll Have Everything You Need:

In the WordPress visual editor, you can easily add, rotate, copy, clone, and remove components. A right-click menu bar also provides quick-access editing features.

Get beautifully crafted layouts:

For your convenience, experienced skilled designers have already designed innovative, customizable formats and designs.

Do more in less time:

Slider Revolution 6’s visual editor maintains all choices open and easily accessible. The structure begins with basic choices, navigation, slides, and layers, and then splits into more detailed options.

Revision history:

You may undo or redo modifications you make when using the WordPress graphical interface by using its revision history. You can even store states with their free backup extension so you never lose prior revisions.

Bulk Editing in Color:

Color variables may now be linked across several components for easier bulk editing. Design project templates that are both easy and adaptable. With only a few clicks, you can entirely transform the appearance of your module.

Object library:

The WP Slider Revolution Object Library contains stock images and videos.

Module Creation Made Simple:

The editing tutorial takes care of the basic setup for you, allowing you to jump right into the visual building.

Icon Library:

You may choose font and button designs from a range of pre-made designs using the fast style option. Additionally, the icon/SVG collection provides various helpful features.

Professional templates:

More than 200 cutting-edge designs are available for customization.

WP Slider Revolution features

Animation effects:

  • From basic fading effects to more sophisticated webGL animations.
  • Build complicated keyframe animations.
  • Tell your own compelling story.
  • Background animations can be changed.
  • Scrolling Animations are really stunning.
  • Using parallax effects, you may give depth and elegance to your website design.
  • Beautiful Keyframe Animations.

Web Page Transitions:

Access 200+ designs from the WP Slider Revolution template library and add web page transitions to your WordPress websites quickly. With the unique design, you can beat your competitor. Get all the sophisticated transition plugins with any Slider Revolution license for all animated page transitions and other useful features.

Particle effects:

The Particle Wave Slider Revolution can easily build WOW, dynamic 3D particle sceneries on any WordPress website. Install new particle visual effects from their 200+ WP Slider Revolution template collection. In minutes, you may edit templates with your own content.

Some other features:

  • 200+ Templates.
  • 25+ Powerful Addons.
  • 1-on-1 Support.
  • Flexible Modules.
  • Responsive Layouts.
  • Striking Backgrounds.
  • Layer Variety.
  • Building Freedom.
  • Smart Loading & SEO.
  • Special Effects.
  • Smart Loading.
  • Mindblowing Effects.
  • All Addons Included.
  • Particle Wave.
  • Advanced Transitions.
  • Lottie Animation.
  • Before & After.


Visual editing:

Drag and drop components that use the canvas or timeline editors to have total control.

Intuitive Building:

With such a logical framework of choices and settings, you may work more effectively and easily.

Exceptionally Quick Results:

Setup your favorite WP Slider Revolution layout and quickly change the content.

Flexible Modules:

You can make slideshows, carousels, hero blocks, and even entire sites.

Layouts that are responsive:

To achieve the desired aesthetic, you may adjust up to four device sizes independently.

Backgrounds that stand out:

Backgrounds might be images, videos, colors, or patterns.

Varieties of Layers:

Text, photos, videos, styles, and symbols can be placed wherever you wish.

Creating Freedom:

Within column containers, place freely located or floating layers.

Quick Styling:

Visit different text, tab, and other layer editing styles.


There are three types of pricing plans for WP Slider Revolution: Starter, Enthusiast, and Professional.

The Starter plan costs $29 per year and $79 for a lifetime. This plan is for 1 website only.

The Enthusiast plan costs $79 per year and $209 for one-time purchases. You can install the plugin on 3 websites.

The Professional plan costs $129 per year and $349 for a lifetime. In this plan, you can install the plugin on 5 websites.

WP Slider Revolution price yearly

WP Slider Revolution price lifetime.


By utilizing WP Slider Revolution, you may now impress your clients with a gorgeous responsive site design that appears to be outstanding. Only the most extreme expectations will be met with outstanding effects, animations, and ideas.

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