Jasper AI Writer Review – Create Content Faster.


Jasper AI writer is a tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to quickly create compelling, engaging copies for your blog articles, landing pages, social media posts, ad copies, marketing emails, and more. This is an excellent copywriting tool allowing you to write content faster.

Jasper AI writer is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that can create content 10 times faster than the human content creator.

You will receive unique content that is written correctly and contains no plagiarism. You’ll also get pre-written designs on specific topics. Jasper AI generates SEO-friendly content that is optimized for traffic and sales.

Content written by Jasper AI writer has the potential to rank at the top of Google search results. Jasper will quickly deliver the desired content for ad copy, blog articles, YouTube descriptions, or any other purpose.

Jasper AI Writer Review

How Jasper AI writer can help?

Create unique content that ranks:

Create keyword-rich, plagiarism-free blog posts.

Improve ad copy to increase sales:

Too many copy variations can be easily written and tested to boost sales.

Write contents ten times faster:

Simply instruct Jasper, and relax to generate any type of content.

Create content in various languages:

Write content in 25+ languages to reach global audiences.

Content marketing makes it easy:

You don’t need to hire a costly content writer, reuse current content and also create new content.

Who is this for?

Jasper AI is a powerful AI writing tool that ensures amazing and unique content creation. This is a must-have tool for marketers who don’t want to hire expensive content writers and who don’t have the skill and time. This is best suitable for…

  • Internet marketers who need unique copies.
  • Bloggers.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Business owners.

How does Jasper work?

Jasper AI writer has simple functionality with advanced features. If you are very new to using AI tools, it may seem a little tricky at first, but it will become very easy for you soon.

Watch the below video for a complete guide:

Pick the right template:

There are several templates to choose from, and they are utilized to deliver context to Jasper to write your required content.

Put the relevant information:

After selecting a template, specify the information that must be included in the content. So, you should be correct about the topic on which Jasper AI writer will generate content.

Relax and let Jasper write content:

There is no lengthy procedure, Simply select “Generate AI content” in Jasper and it will curate total unique content instantly.

Watch the video below before creating content in Jasper:

Know about the templates:

There are various templates are available inside Jasper

  • Text summarizer
  • Blog post outline
  • Feature to benefit
  • Blog post conclusion
  • Creative story
  • Sentence expander
  • And more

Integration with Surfer SEO:

Surfer SEO, a popular on-page SEO tool, is integrated with Jasper. As a result, it can create SEO-optimized content that ranks in search engines.

Simply enable the SEO mode in the editor, and all of Surfer’s recommendations for that same subject will be displayed.

How effective Jasper AI writer is?

In my personal experience with Jasper AI writer, after the content is curated by Jasper, it requires a human touch. 90% of the content will be as detailed as you desire. You only need to edit the remaining 10%.

Jasper AI appeared to be extremely responsive and intelligent to grasp the task. In terms of functionality, I would rate Jasper AI writer 4.8 out of 5 stars because it is effective and can curate the required content.

Jasper AI is distinctive and unique. In fact, Jasper AI is constantly updated with new frameworks and functionalities.

All I had to do was choose an appropriate template, fill in the blanks, and relax. Finally, I must say that Jasper allows me to create fully optimized content in seconds.

How Jasper is different from other AI writers?

  • You can generate SEO-friendly content in minutes. 
  • Utilizing Boss mode, you can create content 10 times faster than before.
  • Simply provide the keyword and Jasper will do the rest to generate plagiarism-free content.
  • You can also rewrite the content, but you need to give a little human touch.
  • It can write content in 25+ major languages.


There are three types of pricing plans for Jasper: Starter, Boss Mode, and Business plan. 

The Starter plan is for beginners and just to get started. Use 50+ AI copy generators to create short-form content such as ads and product descriptions, as well as to modify the existing copy. This plan price starts from $29 per month for creating content up to 20000 words.

  • 50+ AI templates
  • Support for 20+ languages
  • Up to 5 users
  • Chat support

The Boss Mode is for Bloggers and content marketers. Use the entire power of AI writing to generate full-length content with complete control and flexibility. This plan price starts from $59 per month for writing content up to 50000 words.

  • Google Docs style editor
  • Compose & command features
  • Maximum content lookback
  • Increased limits on templates
  • Grows with your team
  • Priority chat support

The business plan is for teams and businesses. Custom word/user packages, billing options, and the onboarding and support you need to scale with Jasper are all available. This plan has custom pricing. 

  • Custom words/user packages
  • Manage limits per user
  • Flexible billing options
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Onboarding & training sessions
  • Premium technical support
Jasper AI Writer price

Starter plan Vs. Boss Mode:

The Starter plan is for brief copy, while the Boss Mode plan is for lengthy content. Watch this video to learn the differences between the two plans.


  • The internet’s best AI and GPT-3 content tool.
  • Boss Mode provides a large amount of content creation for a low cost.
  • On a regular basis, additional features, functionality, and templates are provided.
  • Produce original content.
  • Surfer SEO integration for blog post optimization.
  • Create both short and long content.
  • It supports over 25 different languages.


  • Little expensive for beginners.
  • Need human touch after generation of the content.


My workload has decreased dramatically since I began using Jasper AI writer. For me, the entire writing process became easier.

I can now create SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content in minutes. Jasper AI writer delivers excellent and superior results.

However, I believe there is some content repetition at times. Aside from that, working with Jasper has been an incredible experience for me.

Furthermore, I think Jasper cannot completely replace human tasks because accuracy requires a human touch.

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