6+ Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing 2022

Are you an affiliate marketer who is looking forward to capturing more subscribers and analyzing your campaigns? You have reached the right place. Let us guide you through the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing in 2022.

There is no doubt that email marketing campaigns are one of the most organic growth-generating events. By organic growth, we are referring to revenue and lead generation. You can easily create email listings and stay connected with your contacts. 

As a marketer cannot be replying to all emails, these campaigns are automated. With the help of autoresponders, you can create automated replies and generate these emails. However, for affiliate marketers automation is not an option with some platforms. The main concern is the platforms not posing as an affiliate-friendly stage.  

A worthy affiliate marketing autoresponder would guarantee ease of creating and putting campaigns on autopilot mode. They also help in analyzing and foreseeing data for the campaigns. 

Let us discuss the various platforms that can help affiliate marketers. We have curated a list of the 6+ best autoresponders that can be helpful and have utility for affiliate marketers and the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing.

How To Choose Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing the best autoresponder for your campaign can be tricky hence, you can refer to the following suggestions. 

Availability of Free Trials and Features:

Before blindly investing money in the autoresponder it is vital that you take a preview first. Most of the platforms offer free trials. You need to analyze the days and features they offer to use for free. Once you are happy with the platform you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

Email Sequence Automation and Delivery:

Most platforms offer bulk email listings but fail at delivering them. This is a concern for marketers. Hence, it is important that you check the email sequence automation and its delivery. Also, pay attention to the features that can trigger the email sequence. 

Due Diligence of the Autoresponders:

As we are talking about autoresponders, it is imperative that you analyze the platform first. Some of the platforms only offer email marketing automation. A lot of users get banned from the platform if they add affiliate marketing hyperlinks. When choosing a platform remember to check all its conditions and features. 

Pricing and Features:

It goes without saying that you need a platform that offers services worthy of their plan pricing. Compare the prices of all the potential platforms and then choose the best alternative for yourself. If a plan is slightly expensive check the features they are offering and decide if you need them. 

Benefits of Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing:

Now that we have discussed how to choose a platform let us mention a few benefits of these platforms as well. 

Generating Subscribers:

Autoresponders help in creating contact archives. You can easily create opt-in forms and newsletters for your website by using this forum. Collecting personal information through this medium is fast and effective. Hence, autoresponders help in generating visitors into subscribers. 

Relation Building:

Autoresponders help in building relations and trust between businesses and customers. Not all visitors would be ready to purchase a product. This is where you need to convince and allure your visitors. You can use their collected information to update them regularly about sales and discounts. This way you will always be there in their system and sooner or later they will indulge. 

Persistent Communication and Data Analysis:

Autoresponders majorly help in establishing a communication system with the customers. You can interact with your customers through emails, direct messages, and SMS. Information on new product launches, sales, among others can be shared with your customer. You can also send a feedback form that will help you analyze your potential. 

Email marketing works on a sales funnel system. Where a triggering sequence is generated for the customers to follow. Autoresponders help you analyze every aspect of this funnel. You can study which point was used the most by the visitors to leave the funnel. This information can help you enhance your output.   

6+ Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing 2022:


ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that allows easy access to create campaigns. The platform uses high-end machine learning and inbox extensions to maximize the reach. 

ActiveCampaign offers sales and marketing automation with the addition of CRM services. Email and affiliate marketing are available for B2B, B2C, and all other eCommerce businesses. It also offers customized objects and templates to create high-generating funnels.  


  • Ease of use of the interface and features.
  • A/B testing of the automation.
  • Provides Zapier integration which allows 2000+ tools for use.
  • Affordable for beginners and start-ups and provides advanced features for medium enterprises.


  • Limitations of the CRM feature as it cannot sail solo. 
  • Lacks reporting advancement. 


ActiveCampaign offers four paid plans costing $9/month for 1 user and $259/month for unlimited users. The plan features are different for B2B, B2C, and eCommerce.

ActiveCampaign Pricing


Ontraport is a unified platform for automation and CRM of marketing campaigns. You can create personalized email automation and sequences that will lead the visitors to the brand. Ontraport is dedicated to creating, planning, and managing digital products and their marketing. 

Ontraport offers provision for sales funnels and segmentation of the subscribers to understand their behavioral agenda. You can create pop-forms and opt-in forms for your business websites. The platform also offers CMS as a feature for the products. 


  • Unified platform for all businesses activities such as CRM, CMS, and email funnels.
  • Provides affordability and price breaking point for the users. 
  • Assists in connecting with multiple databases


  • A steep learning curve. The interface has a lot to offer which can confuse a beginner or someone who is switching from a simple interface.


Ontraport offers four paid plans starting at $79/month for 1000 contacts and can go up to $497/month for 20,000 plus contacts. Also, you need to pay $99/month for 100k contacts if you have more than 20,000 contacts. 

Ontraport pricing


ConvertKit is a unified platform for creating and organizing email marketing campaigns. You can create engaging landing pages and sign-up forms to grow your audience. ConvertKit also helps in creating an online store for your digital products. 

With an Email designer, you can create simple yet impactful emails easily. The emails can then be automated into a customized path. Email marketing is easier when you have the required features such as customizable templates, action tags, and incentive delivery.


  • Merge tags help in building a variety of emails. 
  • Action tags assist in segmenting the subscribers.
  • Customizable templates for any and every form format.
  • Simple to use visual automation builder. 
  • Landing page builder with basic aspects
  • Generating high reliability of analysis and reporting.


  • Limitations in A/B testing
  • Analyzed data subjects to specific and basic information.
  • Limitations in customization of emails and templates. 


ConvertKit offers three plans on the number of subscribers you have: Free, Creator, and Creator Pro. You can use it to free up to 300 subscribers.

The Creator plan starts from $15 per month to $2299 per month for up to 400,000 subscribers.

The Creator Pro plan starts from $29 per month to $2599 per month for up to 400,000 subscribers.

Anyone with subscribers of more than 5k (5000) is charged accordingly. 

ConvertKit Pricing


AWeber is a pioneer autoresponder platform that is considered a better alternative for beginners. The interface is simple to use and it offers pre-built templates for automation. It has recently collaborated with the designing platform Canva. Canva can be used to customize your emails and newsletter in a professional way without having to leave the AWeber platform. 

Similar to the other platforms, AWeber provides tagging and segmentation of subscribers. It offers reporting and analytics of the campaigns and helps in foreseeing the situation. With the email designer, drag-and-drop tool, and stock images, creating emails has never been easier. 


  • Offers a gradual learning curve for the interface and features.
  • Provides a wide range of templates that can be utilized to preserve the uniqueness of your brand.  
  • Assists in the email automation cycle with the integration of various file formats such as CVS and XLSX. 
  • Integrations with tools like Canva, WordPress, Paypal, and others help in the management activities. 


  • Limitations in organizing segments as a fixed number can be added.
  • A few templates lack graphic quality.
  • Limitations for the RSS tools as they need a specific knowledge base to edit. 


AWeber offers five different plans based on the subscribers. The pricing starts at $19.99/month for 0-500 subscribers to $149.99/month for 10k – 25k subscribers. 

AWeber Pricing


Drip is a reliable free autoresponder platform that offers almost all features as the other platforms in a free plan. It provides tools for the personalization and segmentation of subscribers to understand their queries.

Drip offers forms and pop-ups for email marketing and SMS marketing. The platform provides insights into the campaigns and strategies of the company. The analysis and guidance are offered in real-time. 


  • Provides all the features in the free plan provided that the subscribers are below 100.
  • Email funnels are effective because of the visual workflow builder.
  • Triggers tracking for visitors to understand the behavior. 
  • Offers tagging and CRM services.
  • Provides multiple domains under one account.  


  • Limitations in customization of the email templates. 
  • Complex presentation of the analysis and reporting. 
  • Requires coding to access a few advanced features.
  • Lacks split testing optimization.


Drip offers a free plan until 100 subscribers. Post that, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Starting at $19 to $49/month for 100 to 2,500 subscribers. 

Drip Pricing


SendX is a powerful marketing automation platform. It assists in creating, organizing, and managing campaigns for businesses. SendX provides landing pages, forms, newsletters among others to build marketing campaigns.

You can easily use the interface and the pre-built templates to create emails. SendX provides the feature of Resend (1 Click Resend) where you can resend the emails that are unopened by the visitor.


  • 500,000+ royalty-free stock images and pre-made templates.
  • Seamless integration with other websites for email campaigns.
  • Easy to use interface and gradual learning curve. 
  • Provides quick email deliverability.


  • Limitations in customization of the email sequences and automation.
  • No free plan for beginners or businesses with few subscribers. 


SendX is affordable in its pricing. Paid plans start at $7.49/month for 1000 subscribers and can reach $59.99/month for 15,000. 

SendX pricing


GetResponse is a marketing and sales automation platform that provides an integrated forum for businesses. GetResponse gives a good quality campaign concept and execution ratio with affordability. It is one of the best alternatives for beginners and start-ups.

GetResponse has a built-in sales funnel which can be helpful to make the platform an all-in-one stop for the marketers. This way they can manage all their marketing activities. It also offers CRM services along with extensive marketing automation tools. 


  • Affordability is the major aspect that helps GetReponse stand out. 
  • Centralization of marketing and management activities. 
  • A/B testing and webinar integrations.
  • Provides landing page builders and CRM services.
  • Assists in in-depth data segmentation of the subscribers. 
  • Offers 30 days free trial with almost all the features. 


  • No significant position of the opt-in forms on the user website. 
  • Imbalance of pricing notion especially, subscribers and co-relating cost. 
  • Limitations of CRM as a standalone feature.
  • Email templates for HTML are limited. 
  • DKIM authentication is only available in higher-paid plans.


GetResponse offers four different plans per subscriber: Free, Basic, Plus, and Professional. Basic plan starting at $15/month per 1000 subscribers. Per 100,000 subscribers the plans cost $442/month for Basic Plan and $573/month for Professional Plan. These prices are when billed annually.

GetResponse Pricing


So, these are the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing in 2022. I hope this article will provide you with a basic idea of the autoresponders to choose from. You can choose any of the above autoresponders to skyrocket your online business. That’s all about today, thank you for reading the article.

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