Chrome Extension Tubebuddy to Grow Your Youtube Channel.


TubeBuddy Increase the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel. Chrome Extension Tubebuddy helps you obtain more views and subscribers by giving you tools to assist you to enhance your video as quickly as possible.

Why Chrome Extension Tubebuddy?

Advanced Keyword Research:

Allow TubeBuddy to assist you in locating high-performing, searchable video themes, as well as creating the ideal headers and tags.

Reduce the time it takes to publish by half:

Start right away using TubeBuddy’s collection of time-saving templates and tools to substantially reduce publishing times.

Obtain a higher ranking in search results:

TubeBuddy will walk you through YouTube’s Best Practices so you can be sure your videos are ready to go.

Increase the number of views and subscribers to your channel:

Use a number of methods to advertise your videos throughout the web, and repurpose old movies to generate traffic to new ones.

To win the click, test, tweak, and more:

Do you want to see if your thumbnails could be better? Allow TubeBuddy’s easy A/B Testing to provide you with the answer.

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Chrome Extension Tubebuddy exciting features:

Chrome Extension Tubebuddy

Productivity tools:

  • Build embed codes for uploading videos or playlists to any website with a comprehensive selection of choices.
  • Pre-written messages can be used in a variety of YouTube sections.
  • Create a Card Template for any video and effortlessly use its Cards for future uploads.
  • Make it simple to write your comments and responses.
  • Generate separate Default Upload Profiles for different types of videos.
  • Utilizing still frames from your video and text or image overlays you can create professional-looking thumbnails.
  • Organize and generate ideas for future video subjects with ease.
  • Create an End Screen Template from any video and effortlessly apply its End Screen Features to new uploads.
  • And much more

Bulk processing:

  • Copying Cards throughout some or all of your videos can be automated.
  • Copying End Screens over all of your videos can be automated.
  • Throughout your whole channel, locate and change, insert, or delete words from video titles and descriptions.
  • Add a visual overlay to your video thumbnails, and also can replace it later if required.
  • Streamline the process of modifying Cards throughout your videos by automating the process.
  • Locate demonetized videos fast, then submit those in bulk for manual review.

Video SEO:

  • Increase worldwide audience by translating the video title and description into some other languages.
  • Check automatically to ensure you’re implementing YouTube’s suggestions.
  • Get the appropriate tag suggestions.
  • The greatest YouTube and Google Trends keyword research tool.
  • Based on the available performance and analytics, recommendations for channel growth.
  • Improve the metadata for a certain keyword in your video.
  • The perfect YouTube Keyword Search Analysis Tool.
  • In a YouTube search, see your video ranks for all of its Tags.
  • Generate and maintain Tag lists in a centralized location.
  • To find out what works best, experiment with titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions.
  • Anyone’s video tags can be viewed and copied.


  • Post videos at the best time to your audience.
  • Links and codes are created specifically for marketing your channel and videos.
  • With only a single click, you can publish your YouTube videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  • In the descriptions of all of your other videos, promote one or more of your videos.

Data and research:

  • Keep an eye on YouTube for fresh videos, playlists, and channels about your brand.
  • Allow just certain persons to access your TubeBuddy account.
  • Back up all of your videos’ metadata to protect yourself against data loss.
  • StatFire provides statistics and analysis for any YouTube channel.
  • Advanced statistics to assist you to obtain more clicks and visitors to watch your video.
  • Check out how your channel compares against the competition.
  • Look for words in your title, description, or tags that could lead to your video being demonetized.
  • Take a peek at your channel’s general health and performance.
  • Examine the performance of your channel’s videos at intervals of times.
  • Directly access extensive metrics and insights for each YouTube video.

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Watch the below official video:


  • This is a YouTube-certified tool.
  • Determines which keywords and tags should be targeted.
  • You can do a lot with the free version.
  • A free 30-day trial of the premium version is available.
  • Time-saving productivity tools.
  • Tools for analyzing the competition.
  • Great customer service and discussion forum.


  • I haven’t found any cons so far.

Chrome Extension Tubebuddy Price details:

Tubebuddy Price

Tubebuddy Price

You can get free access to TubeBuddy with lots of functionality. Get Access to productivity tools, video SEO tools, promotional tools, data, and research tools with limited functionality. 

There are three types of pricing plans: Pro, Star, and Legend. 

Pro plan costs $3 per month on a month-on-month basis, and it costs $2.4 per month when billed annually. This is great for those who are just beginning out on YouTube and want to learn about new tools to help them improve.

Star plan costs $11.5 per month on a month-on-month basis, and it costs $9.2 per month when billed annually. This upgrade is for content creators who want to save time and money.

Legend plan costs $26.5 per month on a month-on-month basis, and it costs $21.2 per month when billed annually. This plan is for professionals seeking the most competitive advantage in terms of creating information decisions and growing their audience.


TubeBuddy was founded in 2014, but they have been developing solutions for YouTube for over 15 years. It’s true that it is difficult to become a successful YouTuber,

You can flourish on YouTube by using Chrome Extension Tubebuddy. Their goal is to provide tools that will assist you and make you more productive.

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