15 Best pay per lead affiliate programs – Earn up to $100 per lead.

What is pay per lead affiliate program?

Getting to sell online is not easy, especially for beginners. Don’t worry, you can start your affiliate journey with pay-per-lead affiliate programs. In this article, I list out 15 Best pay per lead affiliate programs to kickstart your affiliate marketing business.  

In pay per lead affiliate programs, you don’t need to get a sell. Only by collecting a lead, you can get paid from the vendor. Companies paid their affiliates for collecting the visitor’s email address only. Simply get approval from the vendor end, and promote your affiliate link. When your visitors input their email addresses you will be get paid. So, let’s check the 15 best pay-per-lead affiliate programs here.

15 Best pay per lead affiliate programs:

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a very popular email marketing tool. They have a very good pay-per-lead affiliate program. Sendinblue gives 5€ for collecting a single lead. Also, they provide 100€ when any lead converts into a paid customer. That’s amazing! I feel this is one of the lucrative and best pay-per-lead affiliate programs in the internet marketplace. 

As this is a reputable company, they want a professional website to give approval as an affiliate. So, create a good website and bring some traffic to it before applying to the Sendinblue affiliate program. Sendinblue has an individual affiliate program. Also, you will find a Sendinblue affiliate inside the PartnerStack network.

>> Join the Sendinblue affiliate program here.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is also a popular email marketing tool. They provide $5 for a lead and $100 for a paid customer. Their serviceable areas are the United States and Canada only. You will find the Constant Contact affiliate program inside CJ and impact radius affiliate networks. 

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is a digital learning platform that offers various creative courses and workshops presented by professionals to help anyone master new skills. Receive $7 for each new lead for Skillshare. The affiliate program Skillshare you will find inside the affiliate network ShareAsale and impact radius.


4. Freshworks/Freshdesk

This is a fantastic CRM tool that is ideal for small enterprises and solopreneurs at a cheap price, providing easy-to-use CRM support. Freshworks pay $5 for every validated lead. Also, get 15% of every sale made in the first year. Find Freshworks affiliate program inside Partnerstack network.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a chrome extension that will correct your article spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a very useful tool for text content creators. For free sign up Grammarly gives $0.2 per lead and $20 for paid subscription.

>> Join Grammarly affiliate here.

6. ShareAsale

ShareAsale is a robust affiliate network. Inside the ShareASale network, you will find various affiliate programs in different niches. ShareASale pays $30 when anyone joins this affiliate network through your referral link and generates at least a $20 commission. Also, they give $150, when that affiliate makes a minimum sale of $100 inside the affiliate network.


7. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnel is a market-leading sales funnel-building software. Customers can do a lot of things inside ClickFunnels like funnel building, landing page creation, creating an email list, and more. 

It provides to its affiliates $1 for a single lead and up to 40% commission on different products. For one funnel away challenge they give 100% commission. ClickFunnels has a lifelong sticky cookie. ClickFunnels has an individual affiliate platform.

>> Join ClickFunnels affiliate here.

8. Freshbooks

Freshbook is an account management software. This software does invoice, revenue and expenses management, time management, and lot more things.

Freshbook provides $10 for a single lead. Cookie duration 120 days. Find Freshbook affiliate program inside the ShareASale affiliate network.

9. SEMrush

SEMrush is a market-leading SEO tool. This is a tool for SMM, Keyword Research, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management, and lot more things. SEMrush provides $10 for a single lead to the affiliates. Cookie duration 120 days.

>> Join SEMrush affiliate here.

10. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop is an e-store setup platform. Anyone can easily start an online shop by using Shift4Shop. For each referral of a free Shift4Shop online store, you can earn anywhere between $5 to $25. On the paid plans, they pay a $100 commission plus a 300% bonus. There is a cookie duration of 120 days. This affiliate program you will find inside the ShareASale affiliate network.

11. Pluralsight

It’s a high-quality technological learning platform. This is one of the best online platforms to learn. Pluralsight gives $5 per lead to their affiliates. There is a cookie duration of 45 days.

12. Touch Bistro

This is a restaurant management system. With Touch Bistro, restaurant owners can manage capacity, simplify bookings, and make every client feel like a Royal. Touch Bistro gives $100 when anyone book a demo from your affiliate link. Also, they give $1000 when anyone becomes a paid customer.

Touch Bistro

13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the most well-known online survey, coupon, and gift card reward programs in the United States. It pays $1.75 for a single lead. There is a cookie duration of 30 days.

14. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the first and most well-known platform for earning money by doing online surveys. There is no charge for such surveys and have a high earning capacity. Survey Junkie provides $1.25 for a single lead. 

15. Godaddy

Godaddy is a very popular domain name registration and hosting service provider. It gives $2 for a single lead.


That’s all about the 15 best pay per lead affiliate programs. Getting a lead is much easier than a sale when you are a complete beginner. So, join the above best pay per lead affiliate programs and start earning a commission. Thank you very much for reading the article.

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