Post affiliate pro tracking – Keep track of all affiliated partners.


This is the best network and affiliate marketing tracking software. Post affiliate pro tracking software will help you to manage several affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, distribute commissions, and make payouts, all from a single and easy dashboard.

The affiliate management software is simple to use and has an interactive design to increase sales to the highest rates. Create an endlessly expandable affiliate network that is driven by autopilot, real-time data reporting, and exclusive branding tools.

What you can do with Post affiliate pro?

Track your affiliates:

Post affiliate pro tracking maintains records of every affiliate partner’s effectiveness, interactions, quality leads, and conversion rates.

Increase Lead Generation:

The most successful and cost-effective approach to develop internet presence, drive traffic, and generate leads and sales.

Give Commissions:

Using simplified reporting and affiliate program software, you can assign commissions depending on sales.


When an affiliate achieves sales, immediately award them with the commission.

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Post affiliate pro network

Post affiliate pro tracking; Features:

Promotional materials:

Marketing materials are at the heart of affiliate marketing. Implementing the correct marketing strategy, paying close attention to data, and delivering the right marketing materials can lead to higher brand exposure and income.

Types of Promotional materials…

Banner rotator, Discount coupons, Flash banners, HTML banners, Image banners, Lightbox banners, Peel banners, Rebrand PDF, PDF banners, SmartLinks, Site replication, Text link banners, ZIP banners, etc.


Post Affiliate Pro tracking is a robust application that offers a range of metrics to assist you in your affiliate marketing success. Some of the most important tracking indicators on the Post Affiliate Pro system are…

  • Audit Log.    
  • The Campaign, Banner, and Affiliate Report.    
  • Map overlay report.
  • Online users report.
  • Quick report.
  • Top affiliates report.
  • Top URLs report.
  • Trends report.

Commissions types:

Affiliates are driven by commission, which drives leads, and conversions. Post Affiliate Pro is a global affiliate management software that provides you with every available option for your affiliates for their efforts. In that aspect, Post Affiliate Pro is genuinely unique software. Here are several options to pay to your affiliates…

  • CPA – commission per action.
  • Commission groups.
  • Lifetime commissions.
  • Multi-tier commissions.
  • Performance rewards.
  • Recurring commissions.
  • Split Commission.

The user interface:

Whenever it comes to modifications in Post Affiliate Pro, everything is feasible. They considered everything, from concepts to languages to logos.

  • Customizable interface
  • Mass payments
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple merchants admins
  • Themes
  • Web 2.0 (Ajax)
  • Multiple currencies

Tracking Methods:

Post affiliate pro tracking obtain trustworthy tracking data, it utilizes cutting-edge tracking technologies. It always uses the most effective tracking methods available.

  • Affiliate link styles
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking
  • Direct links tracking
  • Forced matrix
  • Custom affiliate tracking code
  • Fraud protection
  • SubID/Ad channel tracking
  • Private campaigns

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Begin expanding your network: 

Start now by boosting your partner marketing with sophisticated automation, affiliate tracking, and analytics tools.

Get more in less time:

Use sophisticated automation features to boost your performance. Learn how simple it is to reduce low-value traffic, remove monotonous activities, reward your partners, and enhance revenue.

  • Set automation rules.
  • Payout commissions, and bonuses automatically.
  • Automation systems like IP blocking.

Make use of custom-made integrations:

You may simplify your workflow procedures by using carefully developed integrations. Tell them exactly what you want to do, and they will do their best to make it happen.

  • Development in 24 business hours.
  • Submit support requests by email or live chat.
  • Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Advance features:

You can acquire the necessary competitive edge by utilizing a number of techniques and creative skills. Utilize promotional materials, smart links, multi-tier support, multi-language dashboards, and more functionality.

  • Sales tracking in a variety of currencies.
  • Membership subscriptions manager.
  • Unique landing pages.

Price details:

Post affiliate pro price

They provide a 14-day free trial for all of its plans. There are three types of pricing plans for Post affiliate pro: Pro, Ultimate, and Network. 

The Pro plan costs $129 /month, and this is best suitable for setting up a small affiliate program for your company.

  • 1M tracking requests per month.
  • Unlimited Affiliates.
  • There are over 220 integrations.
  • Over 125 plugins.
  • Advanced reporting.

The ultimate plan costs $249 /month and is ideal for developing a more advanced affiliate business.

  • 6M tracking requests per month
  • Performance bonuses
  • There are multiple administrators.
  • Manager of lifetime referrals.
  • Replication of the site.

The network plan costs $599 /month, and this is suitable for individuals who want to establish an affiliate network.

  • 20M tracking requests per month
  • Accounts for many businesses
  • Manager of membership subscriptions.
  • Prepaid network account.
  • Branding free.


Post Affiliate Pro tracking offers the most opportunities for creating and tracking an efficient partner program. You will be able to set a variety of actions with variable payment amounts to reward affiliates for achieving specific goals in your affiliate program.

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