ClickMagick review – Improve your ad campaign with True Tracking.


Getting more link clicks and sales is excellent, but it is more important than how you can optimize your campaigns and move your business to new heights to know how your audience responds to your offerings. In this ClickMagick review, we will discuss all aspects of this tool to make you how important the tool is to tracking your links.

Until you use good tracking software, you don’t know the real benefits. ClickMagick is a cloud-based tool for tracking and optimizing marketing activities.

By using ClickMagic you can build tracking links and the tool appropriately shows you who clicked on your links and which clicks lead to sales.

ClickMagick contains several more sophisticated functions that I will describe now in depth.

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ClickMagick review; Benefits: 

This is the single source of accurate data:

You simply cannot depend on your CRM or other applications you use, because they just do not have all the info to provide accurate and effective marketing data.

ClickMagick can give you all of your important marketing data and statistics that can be seen in one place, with extreme precision.

Analyze & Improve your complete conversion funnel:

ClickMagick is not only a “link tracker,” by using this software, the most complicated sales funnel can be effectively analyzed and optimized.

This software is developed for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid advertising tools. This is used to track and optimize your advertising, and you can do this easily and quickly.

Cross-device tracking capability:

The individual normally has two to three devices, and they always shift between them. That is the reason it is difficult for the majority of tracking tools to track their real behavior.

People put email on their mobile phones, attend a webinar on the iPad, and purchase on the PC after a few days. Most people do the same thing.

But, with ClickMagick, you can track everything and optimize the campaign, using real cross-device tracking.

Help ad networks reach more quality customers:

Both Google and Facebook leverage AI algorithms to discover new consumers, but they blatantly misrepresent around 20 to 50% of their purchases.

It’s incredibly easy to provide your conversion statistics to the platforms you advertise with ClickMagick audience optimization, so you have more precise data to use.

API Integration of Facebook Conversions:

ClickMagick Public Optimization Campaigns is completely connected with the Facebook Conversion API and delivers your current conversion statistics in real-time to Facebook.

Recent modifications on Facebook Ads because of iOS 14 have no effect on ClickMagick tracking.

Reduce wasted ad spending by using ClickShield:

Although the ad networks are doing their best, you pay for many ‘clicks’ from software automated programs called ‘bots.’ And the competitors try to increase your expenses by clicking.

However, you do not have to worry about that, because you can establish simple restrictions on the bot and competitors’ clicks and allow the rest. ClickMagic’s Click Shield allows you to make easy rules for the same.

Track the phone sales and other offline transactions:

Small businesses are able to monitor offline conversions easily and precisely just by changing their opt-in or other forms. ClickMagick is the only platform available to small companies.

Automatic & Efficient Split Testing:

 Automated & Smart Split Testing from ClickMagick removes all the difficulties. When you have a statistically proven winner, their own algorithms inform you quickly and can even route all traffic automatically to the successful campaign.

Stats & Reports on Real-Time:

With ClickMagick you have easy and effective access to all the information you need. Get all the information like conversion rates, ad spending, profitability, ROI, order value, ad spending revenue, and much more, in order to monitor and optimize promotion in real-time.

Retargeting in the different platforms:

You can enhance the awareness of all your offerings and increase revenues substantially by tracking your guests around the Web with Multi-Platform Retargeting. This is one of your most cost-effective ads.

And Multi-Platform Retargeting from ClickMagick enables you to add limitless retargeting pixels of whatever retargeting network you use to every tracking link.

Location targeting and mobile targeting:

You can automatically send users to specific web pages based on their geographical location or device kind, using ClickMagick Tracking Links and rotators.

This will allow you to boost your conversions quickly. For instance by sending desktop users to your normal website and mobile users to your mobile-optimized site.

Tools for affiliate marketing:

ClickMagick was originally created by a super affiliate to run its own affiliate company, worth several million dollars.

This helps you to automate split tests to optimize all your landing pages and affiliate marketing easily.

ClickMagick provides you a significant competitive advantage over other affiliates through its automatic Postback Builder that lets you connect to all major affiliate networks.

Finest Click Rotators:

Click Rotator is a transmission method used to distribute incoming visitors to as many URLs as you like. This is used for email marketing, solo advertising, CPA marketing, etc.

Filtering automatic bot:

Bots can actually smash your statistics and ruin your marketing spend in any way. ClickMagick allows you to filter or prevent bot clicks, this ensures your statistics are accurate and you receive the clicks you have paid for.

Analysis of traffic quality:

It is vital to know what traffic sources perform for you and which ones simply waste your money.

ClickMagick provides all your tracking links automatically a specific Traffic Quality Score so that you know exactly what type of traffic you are getting. If the click quality is low, the system will inform you.

Video Tutorials Knowledge Base:

It’s completely accessible and includes over 400 contents, most of them are images and videos. They cover anything you would ever need to know about monitoring, testing, and optimizing ads with ClickMagick.

Excellent support for 24×7:

Standard and Pro users are supported through live chat about 18 hours a day, and also provide telephone support if necessary.

You can also submit a ticket, they will answer you within a few hours. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Founder of ClickMagick:

Name – Patrick Kelly.

He is a digital marketer for the last 26 years. Mr. Patrick created this tool in 2014 for his own use to sell and track digital products. Later on, he improves this product for general use. At present date, this tool becomes a market leader as a tracking tool.

Who needs the software ClickMagick?

  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Solo Ad providers.
  • E-commerce owners.
  • Coach and consultants.
  • Influencers.

Who doesn’t need the software?

  • Newbies who are dealing with low traffic.

ClickMagick review; Pros:

  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • Most cost-effective.
  • Quick import, export, and share of statistics.
  • Support for split testing.
  • Monitoring of the uptime link.
  • URL tracking allowed for advanced postback.
  • The pages, not yours are also tracked.

ClickMagick review; Cons:

  • It takes time to implement everything.

ClickMagick review; Price details:

ClickMagick Price

There are three kinds of pricing plans in ClickMagick, the Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan. For all plans, there is a 14-day free trial. 

Starter plan:

This plan is suitable for new marketers with less traffic and those who have a budget issues. This plan costs $37 per month.


  • Clicks a month up to 10,000.
  • 1 person can use it.
  • Conversions are unlimited.
  • Core features of TrueTracking.
  • Tracking funnel allowed – 1 project only.
  • 2 custom domains tracking.
  • Retention of 6-Month Data.
  • Basic support online.

Standard Plan:

This is the most popular plan and best suitable for growing businesses that want to scale. This plan costs $77 per month.


  • Clicks a month up to 100,000.
  • 3 team members can use the software.
  • Conversions are unlimited.
  • Core features of TrueTracking.
  • Tracking of cross-device.
  • Sales tracking through phone/offline.
  • Optimization of audience.
  • Facebook API conversion.
  • PPC Click Shield.
  • The tracking funnel allowed for 5 projects. 
  • 10 Domains of custom tracks.
  • Retention of 1-year data.
  • Support for 2 hours via Helpdesk.
  • Live chat support.
  • Onboarding call 1-on-1.
  • Phone support.
  • Paid Courses of Traffic.

Pro Plan:

This is for super affiliates and power users. This plan costs $197 per month.


Get everything of Standard plan and additionally get below feathers.

  • Unlimited team members can use up to 1M clicks a month.
  • Unlimited custom domain funnel tracking.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Retention of 2-Year Data.

ClickMagick review; Conclusion:

ClickMagick can truly help you to reach the next level of your business. It’s really easy to use, it has some great unique features and if you need it, the support team will provide extremely fast and friendly assistance. 

There is a 14-day free trial, you must try it and upgrade if found suitable. In my opinion, this is an absolute no-brainer deal. I hope this ClickMagick Review will be helpful for you to make a purchasing decision on this amazing tracking tool.

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