One funnel away challenge review: Must read this before accepting the one funnel away challenge.

What actually means “one funnel away challenge”?

The “one funnel away challenge” is basically a training program to learn creating a funnel for your organization or business with a 30-day step-by-step guide.

This training program is described and arranged by three marketing experts. The names are Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

The challenge is clearly designed to help you customize your business plan and create a conversion funnel. The full course will be finished within 30 days. 

The challenge is split into several courses in five weeks. You will learn more about the funnel and its execution at this time. If you want to grow by learning and fixing strategies, the one funnel away challenge is a perfect training program for you.

You should have a proper sales funnel to make your visitors into a subscriber and finally paid customers. If you are doing some form of online business such as selling physical or digital goods, programs, classes, ebooks or affiliate products, etc, the one funnel away challenge is really going to boost your business.

To collect more leads and increase sales and finally increase revenue you need the right tactics to build and introduce a powerful and high-converting sales funnel.

I took the “one funnel away” challenge course which completely changes my thinking and ways of my marketing strategies. 

What are the things you will get from the kit of the “one funnel away” challenge?

After accepting the one funnel away challenge, you will receive the kit at your doorstep. In this kit you will get one funnel away challenge workbook, 30 days challenge hardcover book, one funnel away MP3 player, etc.

Workbook of one funnel away challenge: 

The workbook includes a 30 days task to complete the training. To build your high-converting successful sales funnel, this is important to complete the given task in this book. You will also receive some video links that will help you to finish the task.

 30 days hardcover book:

This is also a bonus offer of one funnel away challenge. This is a really amazing book to make you strategic for your online business.

MP3 player of live recordings:

It contains valuable records of the regular training of Russell and Stephen from their LIVE workshop.

Access to the Interviews for 30 days:

Comma Club award winners will tell their stories and strategies in the recorded video.

Affiliate Bootcamp: 

The Bootcamp Affiliate virtual summit is another free gift within the one funnel away challenge members zone.

By investing only $100 what are the things you will get?

One funnel away challenge review

If you compare it with the investment you will get a bigger value challenge. You pay only $100 and you get $3126 worth of bonuses packed.

Know about the trainers of the one funnel away challenge

Russel Brunson: This person is the founder of click-funnels. Russel Brunson will provide you with training through videos. You can learn of creating a high-converting sales funnel. Russell will help you build a stable base for a master plan and strategies for 30 days. The marketing books dotcom secrets and expert secrets were also published by Russel Brunson.

Julie Stoian: She is a two-comma club member and also an entrepreneur. Julie teaches you more about the conversion funnel over Russell’s plans. It will help you to create a real funnel for your company. She will help you mostly in the practical part of making sales funnel. Julie Stoian is called “The Transformer”.

Stephen Larsen: He is called “The Executioner”. Stephen will help you to finish your daily mission and also train you in a group every day. You can ask your own questions in this group.

One funnel away challenge – how does it work?

The complete challenge will follow the below map:

One funnel away challenge review

Week # 0, Pre-training week: This is the pre-training session, where you will learn about the basics of the one funnel away challenge. Also, you will come to know about the complete road map of this training.

Week #1, Offer creation: In the first week, you will learn to create offers. Also, you will learn to “hack” the industry’s best sales funnels. So, you can stand out in the crowd. This is called “offer hacking” or “funnel hacking”.

Thus in the first week, you will learn: Offer hacking or funnel hacking

  • Greatest showman
  • Sequencing the offer
  • Create offer assets and the eCovers
  • Offer to create

Week #2, Creating a story and publishing it: In this week you will learn how to create stories in highly interesting ways for your audiences related to your niche. You have to publish the stories in different formats for A/B testing. After publishing need to watch which one performs well and which one is not.

Week #3, Making the strategy to create funnel: From the third week you will start creating the actual funnel by yourself with the proper strategy. The core funnel strategy is provided to encourage you to start making your real sales funnel.

Week #4, Drive traffic to your funnel: That’s great you learn to make a really high-converting sales funnel. But the main thing is driving traffic to your funnel. In the fourth week, you will learn the method of driving traffic.

One funnel away challenge review

Know about the new one funnel away challenge:

One funnel away completely changed its structure from the very beginning of 2021. Now Russel Brunson will provide you with 30 days of live training. Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian will not take any participation in this new funnel away challenge. 

Russell has totally redesigned the complete one funnel away challenge training, so even though you’ve done it before it’s going to be a completely different experience this time and onwards. 

This new funnel away will be going to start on January 11, 2021. So, right now we do not have any complete idea about this new challenge. But from the previous experience and reviews, we can say that this is going to be awesome and more informative than before. I believe you can learn a lot more things.  


I went through the One funnel away challenge last year. In my opinion, this is one of the best training ever participated in. This course teaches me to create my high-converting sales funnel and it really works for my own business.

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