Instapage Landing Page Builder Review.


Increase your conversions by using the best landing page creator Instapage for businesses. When you develop, test, and optimize high-converting, customized landing pages at scale, you can get up to 400% more out of your online advertisements. In this Instapage Landing Page Builder Review, we will go over all of the features and benefits of this product to help you decide if it is worth using for your business. So, continue reading this review article.

Using its simple interface, strong connections, and variety of layouts, you can strengthen your business. Through award-winning A/B testing options, you can continuously optimize your ads. Take advantage of the platform that offers market-leading, customized services.

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Instapage Landing Page:

Without any coding knowledge, you can find customized, brand-specific, mobile-responsive landing pages.


Boost user engagement and sales by creating personalized landing pages for each ad.


Utilizing thorough heatmaps, A/B, random testing, and extensive insights, you can optimize your landing pages for greater conversions.


See your ad campaigns and easily link advertisements to suitable landing sites.


Create ads easier with simplified procedures that enable teams to collaborate more effectively.

Page Speed:

Using lightning-fast landing pages that load almost immediately, you can capture visitors’ interest right away.

Instapage Landing Page Features:

Landing Page:

  • Instapage Landing Page builder:

You can construct stunning, conversion-focused landing pages with this completely configurable platform. There is dynamic element editing, over 5,000 typefaces, and 33 million images to choose from. For marketers, the Instapage landing page generator makes it easier to create high-converting landing pages.

  • Template layouts:

Its 200+ completely customizable and optimized templates are designed to maximize conversions regardless of the type of campaign you’re running. Without a coder, you can easily create appealing landing pages at scale. Make your campaigns more successful by using templates designed for lead generation, click-throughs, webinars, mobile applications, and more.

  • Visual On-Page Collaboration:

To expedite the design evaluation process, collaborate easily with coworkers and customers in real-time. Build, evaluate, post, and convert your pages more quickly.

  • Image Asset Manager:

Simple folder organization helps you to organize and find photos in large image libraries.

In seconds, you may scroll through hundreds of photographs.

Upload images in a single click.

  • Instapage Landing Pages for AMP.

With Google AMP-powered landing pages, you can develop mobile pages that load instantly, improve the user experience, and generate greater conversions. Instapage allows you to design and A/B test landing pages utilizing the AMP technology without the need for any coding knowledge.

  • Instablocks:

Create multiple customized landing pages in a matter of minutes by using separate page blocks.

  • Grouping, Alignment, and Distribution.
  • Measurement of the edge.
  • Customized Fonts (Google & Adobe).
  • Widgets.
  • Editing Custom Code.
  • Axis Locking.
  • Scrolling with parallax.
  • Shortcuts on the keyboard.
  • Page Version History
  • Upload / Download a Template
  • Overwrite Protection

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Forms features:

  • Form Builder:

In just very few clicks, you can add customizable forms with many entries, drop-down menus, or radio buttons.

  • Multistep Forms:

Convert difficult forms into many steps to quickly obtain more data from your prospects. Notifications of Leads. When you produce new leads, you will receive an email and a dashboard alert.

  • Direct Lead Bypass:

Skip Instapage servers and deliver leads straight to your CRM or marketing automation software. Instapage will never store or retain client information.

  • Lead Routing:

Integrate as many connectors as you want to send leads to different applications.

  • Backups for the lead.
  • Confirmation Messages are Editable.
  • Delivery of Digital Assets
  • Opt-in in two steps.
  • Lead Capture Forms and Exit Intent Popups
  • Thank You & Confirmation Pages.

Instapage clients

Optimization features:

  • A/B split testing on the server:

A/B testing options on both the normal landing pages and AMP pages allow you to optimize your landing pages for conversions. Monitor visitor behavior, experiment with fresh features, and designs, and boost your sales.

  • Heatmaps:

Heatmaps describe exactly how your customers interact with your landing pages in detail.

  • Conversion tracking:

Connect with Google AdWords and Metrics for better tracking, and display of CPV and CPL numbers on the Instapage platform. After that, send lead info to your CRM.

  • Pixel Tracking using Drop-In:

This is useful for tracking outside conversions and remarketing people who do not buy on your landing page.

  • Campaign Management Page Grouping.
  • Reports in real-time.

Personalization Features:

  • AdMap:

Easily view your ad campaigns and link each ad to a distinct landing page.

  • Post click Score:

After you’ve imported your ad campaigns into AdMap, calculate your Post click Score and monitor your progress to 1:1 ad-to-page customization.

  • 1:1 Ad-to-Page Customization:

You can quickly design unique 1:1 ad-to-page landing page interactions for each demographic. Provide customized page visits to your consumers to assist you to boost sales, increasing ROI, and lower marketing expenses.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement:

Boost PPC results easily by matching content to your visitor’s inquiry.

Integration features:

  • Integrations Overview:

Instapage Landing Pages can be easily integrated with the popular third-party tools for analytics, CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation systems.

  • Advanced Google Ads Attribution Information:

Integrate your workspaces or particular landing pages to your Google Ads and Analytics accounts to analyze landing pages. 

  • Tag Manager: 

Manage and adjust tags, also known as tracking pixels, to easily update AdWords, Google Analytics, and third-party tags.

  • Invisible reCAPTCHA:

Utilizing Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA, you can safeguard your landing pages from spam while allowing genuine people to interact and convert.

  • WordPress, Drupal, and Custom Domains publishing.
  • Unlimited domain publishing.

Account Management features:

  • Master Accounts:

Switching between accounts without login into multiple accounts to manage multiple client accounts.

  • Private Workspaces for Clients:

Manage team interactions and preserve client privacy by assigning team members to separate workspaces.

  • Team Member Permissions.
  • Account Wide Audit Logs.

Performance & Security features:

  • Thor Render Engine:

The Thor Render Engine enables marketers to enhance sales by delivering 3X faster-loading landing pages.

  • Quick page loading.

Fast page load times are ensured by a global CDN, dual cloud infrastructure on Amazon and Google, and powerful image optimization techniques.

  • SOC 2 compliant
  • 99.99% server uptime
  • SSL certificates
  • Sign on with Google
  • GDPR compliance
  • Global data centers


  • Drag-and-drop builder with no restrictions.
  • There are several excellent templates.    
  • Easy A/B testing.
  • Conversion objectives and statistics are built-in.
  • A nice selection of stunning landing page templates.
  • There are many options for producing landing pages.
  • Excellent mobile assistance to assist you in creating mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • There is a variety of helpful online information, as well as a quick live chat support option.


  • The price is on the little higher side.
  • E-commerce options are quite limited.


Instapage price monthly

Instapage price annually

There are two types of pricing plans: Building and Converting. There is a 14-day free trial for the Building plan.

The building plan costs $299 per month on a month-on-month basis and costs $199 per month when billed annually.


  • Domains are unlimited.
  • There are no conversion limits.
  • Customer Success Manager.
  • Design Reviews.
  • Advanced A/B testing.

Converting is a custom plan and the cost depends on user requirements. 


  • Global Blocks.
  • Global Workspace Scripts.
  • 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Custom Fonts.


Instapage Landing Page builder is a sophisticated tool that is extremely simple to use and suitable for newbies. If you want a high-powered, optimization-focused landing page builder, this is the solution for you. 

The builder is easy to use, and its range of pre-made themes and blocks makes it easier to create impressive landing pages.

You can do split testing and analyze advertising traffic. This enables you to successfully modify your ad campaigns and email marketing efforts in order to enhance sales.

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