GoHighLevel Review – All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform.


With the help of GoHighLevel, you can now keep an eye on your customer interactions, automate your sales funnel, and enhance your lead generation tactics in a single dashboard. Do you want to acquire GoHighLevel as an agency owner or marketer? Before buying, read this GoHighLevel review. To help you realize how useful this product is for your business, we’ve covered all of its benefits and features.

You won’t need to handle as many different CRM products going forward because Go High Level has everything on one platform. You might be able to save money by utilizing the software rather than buying each third-party product separately.

With the help of their community, users will be aware of the most effective techniques employed by the most prosperous digital marketers to generate massive online revenue.

You can automate your whole delivery system and maintain all of your resources in one location with its fully-featured sales and marketing tool. This will allow you to concentrate on satisfying your customers, and also saving a tonne of money.

HighLevel will assist you in growing your business by enabling you to secure more sales or generate more business.

Is it GoHighLevel or HighLevel?

GoHighLevel was created by Shaun Clark. Shaun founded HighLevel in 2018 to expand and automate for company owners and organizations. In essence, the tool is called “Highlevel,” and “Go” is not present. The domain name “Highlevel” was not available for purchase by Shaun. Because of this, he chooses GoHighLevel.com.

It’s for whom?

Marketers and agencies are advised to use it. The program offers a number of amazing features that may be useful for agency owners and marketers. This tool is more appropriate for business owners who operate online.


GoHighLevel may assist with marketing, scope expansion, and consumer outreach for your real estate company. With more leads, you may anticipate excellent profit margins and rapid expansion of your business.

Agency owners:

This tool will be helpful to you whether you build websites, manage social media campaigns, or engage in other types of marketing activity.

This CRM system is effective; you can use it to provide your customers with more value. Additionally, you may quickly automate your processes and engage with new clients.

Online course builders:

You may develop and sell courses using Go High Level either online or via membership services. For those who design online courses, the platform provides a membership website. If you already have a membership site, you can migrate it to GoHighLevel.

People may update the content of the online courses using a visual editor that is provided to them. You may upload videos as well.

Anyone who wants to build a funnel:

You may build landing pages and sales funnels with the software to generate more leads and profits. For quick transitions, GoHighLevel also lets you integrate ClickFunnels funnels. Additionally, you have the option to design and build your own website, linking it to a custom domain.

GoHighLevel Review; Features:

Create an agency business:

HighLevel is an agency platform with a full suite of features. One platform may have all the tools you want, reducing the need for several platforms. With the help of landing pages, surveys, forms, and other tools, you may collect leads. 

Send automated messages to leads through several platforms, including Facebook Messenger, voicemail, telemarketing, SMS, and emails. Use the tools to arrange meetings, accept payment, and manage data.

GoHighLevel for Agency

Grab more leads:

A fully comprehensive page builder for generating leads is included with the software. This user-friendly system allows you to create fully operational sites with custom domains, and compelling landing pages in a single location. 

Lead generation using surveys and forms by incorporating them into the page builder or embedding them into your websites. You can register the appointment in a single, quick process since there is a calendar tool integrated into HighLevel.

Convert leads into customers:

The focus of HighLevel is, you can nurture the lead once you grab it.  You can create captivating follow-up emails with the follow-up campaigns. 

Through Phone, Voicemail, SMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger, HighLevel enables you to communicate with your prospects. You may contact your leads on any device with their fully equipped mobile app.

Book leads automatically:

GoHighLevel Booking

Without doing anything, get leads automatically added to your schedule. Schedule appointments to calendars with no human involvement. You may modify the messaging using the campaign builder, and also use artificial Intelligence to manage the discussion using HighLevel.

Membership areas:

By utilizing its Membership Platform, you may build a strong community for your business or for your customers. Create comprehensive courses with an infinite number of users and video hosts. Using this complete platform, you may sell or give away courses. For online courses, HighLevel provides limitless users, discounts, and products. 

Keep track of your prospects:

This network is made up of the most successful and innovative digital marketers in the world. Learn the skills and get the tools you need to start or grow a digital agency. 

Using its Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of the specific location of the prospects and their progress along the sales funnel. You may quickly accept payments with its immediate integration with Stripe. The dashboard keeps a close eye on the leads’ travel patterns and the money made at each stage.

Grow with professionals:

Come discover how successful marketers are using HighLevel to expand their agencies and also how you can do so as well by joining thousands of other professionals. Anything an agency needs to handle leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and other customer-maintaining activities for its customers is available on the HighLevel Platform. 

White labeling the desktop application is possible with the platform out of the box. Even the URL will be visible to your customers as part of your brand. Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and social media sharing are just a few of the White Label Agency services that HighLevel provides.

White Label Platform:

You have the freedom with HighLevel to create an original app for the app stores. Add it to your services or charge extra for the app’s accessibility. You can sell it for any price you choose. By charging a platform access fee, the CRM and the mobile app enable you to charge more.

Excellent customer support:

You can quickly import data from your prior marketing tools onto the platform. Contact the customer service staff through Live Chat, email, or phone for more help. The support staff is available around-the-clock, worldwide.

Training and resources:

This group of digital marketers includes some of the most successful and innovative people on the planet. Learn the skills and gather the resources you need to start or grow a digital agency. HighLevel places an emphasis on the Agency community. They have established a community-driven Discussions Forum where you can post and comment on your ideas.

GoHighLevel Review; Benefits:

  • Get detail Insights
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Outbound Calling
  • Appointment Automation
  • Reputation Management
  • Unified Messaging
  • Lead Management
  • Easy Integration
  • Mobile App


  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Website builder with subscription features and a comprehensive funnel builder.
  • You may deal with several, more costly applications with an all-in-one platform.
  • Built-in SMS marketing, email marketing, and automation technologies.
  • For client work, agency portals and white-labeled alternatives are perfect.


  • Fewer integrations than some of its competitors.
  • Stiff learning curve.
  • New members may become confused by the vast number of functions.

GoHighLevel Review; Pricing:

There are two types of pricing plans: Starter and Unlimited. The Agency Starter Account costs $97 Per Month and Agency Unlimited Account costs $297 Per Month. Also, White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade costs $497 Additional Per Month.

GoHighLevel Price

GoHighLevel Review; Conclusion:

GoHighLevel is one of the most cutting-edge internet marketing tools and platforms. This is committed to giving you all the tools and training you require to get going.

This is a trusted approach to establishing your brand and also successfully expanding and continuously generating new leads. It provides a variety of unique automated features.

That’s all about GoHighLevel Review; Although expensive, I think the investment is worthwhile since it offers business flexibility, adaptability, and most importantly results. 

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