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Instagram is a massive social media network that is rapidly expanding. This is a must-have social media platform for any internet marketer. In this article, we discuss how we can increase auto followers on Instagram through a paid tool.

Instagram is an image and video-sharing social networking platform. It has grown in popularity because of its engagement with businesses, personalities, influencers, friends, family, and more. Instagram includes a wide range of activities, from short clips to live streaming.

I believe organic growth is the best way to grow your Instagram account. You can target your desired audience organically and get niche-based followers. 

To grow your Instagram account organically, you need to spend time on Instagram. You must spend more time on it and comply with all of Instagram’s algorithms.

Sometimes because of a busy schedule, we are not able to engage on Instagram. In this article, I will discuss a paid tool that will increase auto followers on Instagram accounts quickly and fast.

The tool is Kicksta, this tool will increase auto followers on Instagram without spending your valuable time. 

Increase auto followers on Instagram through Kicksta:

Do you want to grow your Instagram account in a natural way and also want niche-based followers? Kicksta is a great and secure way to increase your Instagram account.

Kicksta is software that automates the growth of your Instagram account. The best thing is that its artificial intelligence will provide you with natural growth, and your followers will be keen on your niche.
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Increase auto followers on Instagram Kicksta

The reasons why should you choose Kicksta?

  • You can instantly connect with people who have an interest in or normally work in your niche by utilizing Kicksta. As a result, finding niche-based professionals will be easy. After you’ve signed up with Kicksta, you’ll be asked to give some information about your work, business, or expertise. Based on the information you provide, Kicksta will begin interacting with those who meet your criteria. 
  • When you set up your Instagram with Kicksta, you’ll get an automated growth model. You only have to provide your details once, and your account will begin receiving the same niche followers automatically.
  • Kicksta contains artificial intelligence (A.I) that will assist you in reaching relevant audiences. Kicksta will increase your engagement in the Instagram account by allowing you to view images of other people. They will get interested and view your profile, as well as begin following you.
  • In your Kicksta interface, there will be filtering options. If you don’t want such followers, you can opt-out of the individuals. 
  • Kicksta interface is simple and easy to use and of course, increases auto followers on Instagram. It’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner. Also, there are analytics, target, and filter options to use. You can also monitor your account progress from the dashboard.
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  • It’s simple to use.
  • Setup is easy.
  • Niche hashtags and accounts are targeted.
  • Analytical data is thoroughly analyzed.
  • Simple pricing.
  • Support is available via live chat.
  • Helps to target a particular audience depending on hashtags and interests.
  • Support multiple accounts.
  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days.


  • No free trial is available.
  • You must hand over control of your Instagram account to Kicksta.
  • You can’t know how much growth you’ll acquire in a given period of time. 

Kicksta pricing details: 

The monthly fee for the regular plan is $49 per month. You’ll find modest growth, video onboarding, and 10 targets here.

The Premium package is $99 per month. Get  Maximum growth, video onboarding, and 40 targets here. VIP mail support, live chat help, advanced targeting, all included.

The booster plan (TSMA Monthly Services) costs $218 per month. Here you will get a monthly growth boost, Diversified Audience from Global Influencers with onboarding videos. The best part is, you don’t need to login into Instagram. >> Visit Kicksta Now!

Increase auto followers on Instagram Kicksta

Money-back guarantee: 

Kicksta offers a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you decide that this product isn’t really worth it for you before 14 days of purchase, simply write them an email to get a refund. You’ll receive your money returned in full, they will not ask any questions.

Is Kicksta safe and legit software?

I never face any problem with my personal information or passwords getting hacked. Your Instagram account is completely secure. Kicksta never violates any Instagram algorithm to increase auto followers on Instagram.

As a result, with Kicksta, you can expect organic and genuine growth. You get genuine followers who don’t leave after a few days since you are getting niche targets.


I saw a significant boost in my follower count and they were genuine folks interested in my posts since Kicksta gave me precisely what I wanted. You may also be certain that your account will not be marked as spam because Kicksta never publishes or remarks on your name. They’re all about bringing you organic traffic in a secure and dependable manner.

​​On autopilot, Kicksta will provide you with organic growth and increase auto followers on Instagram. With Kicksta, you are fully safe, and outstanding customer service is available. Also,  there is a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, thus this is a risk-free purchase. >> Visit Kicksta Now!

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