Sendinblue Email Automation – 50% Discount coupon.


Sendinblue is the most intelligent and user-friendly email marketing tool for businesses. This tool will assist you in reaching the relevant people and creating the perfect content. 

Concentrate on the most vital activities and use Sendinblue email automation to put the rest on autopilot. 

In Digital Marketing, Sendinblue is leading the way.

This is one of the 100 best software tools in the world now and recognized as the top email marketing automation platform for small and medium businesses. 

Sendinblue can help you grow your business easily and fast. All-in-one platform with email, SMS, Facebook, chat, CRM, and more to help you develop your business by strengthening client interactions.

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Features and benefits of Sendinblue email automation:

Email marketing:

Beautifully designed emails will help you promote your brand and expand your business.

  • Create your message.

You can build a professional email easily and fast.  Start with an email template from the library or create a fresh design.

  • Content personalization:

Personalization allows you to instantly add text such as your contact’s name to your email message, bringing it to life.

  • Choose your recipients carefully:

Inside Sendinblue email automation infinite lists and contacts allow you to be as creative as you want.  For a more focused approach, group your contacts whatever you like. Even make smaller groups depending on criteria that you specify, like gender, region, purchase history, etc.

  • Send emails intelligently:

A/B testing can help you find the optimal message, and time management can ensure your email is delivered at the exact moment with the press of a button.

Sendinblue Email Automation

Marketing with SMS:

For urgent messaging or time-sensitive offers, communicate with clients more directly through SMS.

Chat Support:

When a consumer has a query while browsing your website, be available to them right away.


With a shared inbox, you can keep your teams informed and never lose track of your email address record again.


Maintain stronger connections by having all of your contact information in one location.

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Sendinblue email automation:

By automating your grouping and marketing communications, you can save time and improve results.

Transactional Email:

Improve your transactional communications’ design, interaction, and deliverability.


Engaging people by sending marketing communications to a more specific audience.

Landing Page:

With separate pages of your campaigns, you can provide a more focused visitor experience.

Signup Forms:

Customized forms that you can incorporate into your website can help you build your email list. So, you can immediately start Sendinblue email automation marketing to grow your business.

Ads on Facebook:

Use your Sendinblue account to start Facebook advertisements to retarget contacts or reach more customers depending on your list.

Ecommerce marketing:

Connect your shop to Sendinblue email automation and start your online marketing easily.  Send targeted ads, convert Failed Cart users, target consumers based on buy history, and much more.

Sendinblue Email Automation

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Why will you choose Sendinblue email automation?

Quick growth:

This fully-featured marketing platform will help you grow quicker. Sendinblue will give a platform where small firms can make their identity and be treated equally with large corporations. 

That’s why they provide you with all the tools that large corporations use to engage, connect, and maintain their relationships with customers.

Customer relationship:

Improve your relationships with your consumers with Sendinblue email automation. Manage all of your digital communications in one location with simplicity.

Take your company online:

Sendinblue will assist smaller firms in expanding. Get all of the marketing and sales resources you need to strengthen your customer interactions in one place.

Sendinblue price details:

Sendinblue Email Automation price

There are four plans in Sendinblue, those are Free, Lite, premium, and Enterprise.

Free Plan:

This email marketing tool offers a free plan in which you can register an unlimited number of email subscribers and send up to 300 emails per day.

Lite plan:

This plan starts with $25 per month with a 10k monthly email send restrictions to $99 per month with 100k email send volume.

There is no daily email sending limit, get email support, A/B testing, remove Sendinblue logo, and advanced statistics. 

Premium plan: 

This plan starts with $65 per month with a 20k monthly email volume and ends with $599 per month with a 1000k email send volume.

Additional features:

  • Marketing Automation.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Landing pages.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Telephone Support.

Enterprise plan:

This is a customized plan and price depends on your requirements.

Additional features:

  • Custom volume of emails.
  • Priority sending.
  • 20+ landing pages.
  • Access for 10+ users.
  • SSO (SAML).
  • Customer success manager.
  • Priority support.


By using Sendinblue you can manage your consumers and efficiently handle all of your digital communications in one spot. Deliver targeted ads, convert Lost Cart users, attract an audience based on buying history, and more.

This software will save a lot of time, and the Sendinblue email automation is quite simple to set up. It will significantly increase your conversions.

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