10 Best Ways to Monetize a Blog.


This is a common question in newbie bloggers. What are the best ways to monetize a blog? But if you are a complete beginner as a blogger, I will not recommend you to concentrate on the monetization part. Because you need a little traffic to start monetizing your blog. In the beginning, your focus must be on producing valuable content in your niche and doing SEO to rank your post. 

Started getting some traffic in your blog? That’s great! You can follow any of the below methods to monetize your blog easily and fast.

10 Best Ways to Monetize a Blog.

1. Advertising through ad networks.

This is the easiest method to monetize your blog. Write a few blog posts before applying for Google Adsense. I wrote 15 blog posts first when I applied for Google Adsense approval. There are a few criteria you should follow to get approval from Google Adsense. Keep in mind your contents must be unique and valuable.

There are other alternatives also for display advertising, I like Ezoic, and media.net after Google Adsense. Each time website visitors click on the ad, you will be paid. This is called CPC (cost per click) advertising. 

You get paid a specific amount each time a visitor clicks on the advertisements displayed by the ad network. The advertiser determines the cost per click. So, displaying the advertisements on your website is one of the best ways to monetize a blog.

2. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a robust way to monetize your blog. You can earn money through affiliate marketing by using your blog even if you have very little traffic. What affiliate marketing is? Promoting and selling vendors’ products and earning commission is called affiliate marketing. 

There are various affiliate networks you can join as a complete beginner. ShareAsale, JVzoo, Warrior Plus, CJ affiliate, Partnerstack, ClickBank are the best suitable affiliate networks for any newbie affiliate marketer. 

You can do affiliate marketing in your blog by writing a product review. Three types of product reviews you can write a single product review, comparison posts, and a list of products. For example, if you want to promote different hostings, you can write a separate review post on Bluehost and Hostinger. 

To publish a comparison post you can write posts like “Bluehost vs Hostinger”. Also, you can promote different products in a single article like “The best five web hosting for beginners”. Want to know more about promoting affiliate products through blogs? Read this article >> How to Promote Affiliate Products Through Your Blog?

3. Email marketing.

You can collect emails through your website. Email marketing takes time, but this is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. You can include an opt-in form on your website to collect visitors’ emails. Provide some valuable giveaways in exchange for people’s email addresses. You start email marketing simultaneously. 

First, provide values to your email subscribers. Later on, you can pitch your own product or affiliate products in your niche. Online marketers say if you are not building your email list then you are not building your business. You can generate a lot of sales through email marketing if you have a good amount of emails on your list. Want to collect more emails? Read this article.  >> How to generate email leads to grow your online business?

4. Sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is very popular and one of the best ways to monetize a blog. A business pays you to publish content on your blog about its products. They may even write the article themselves, leaving you with nothing to do but publish it. You can also directly contact website owners and see if they are interested in publishing content on your website or not.

5. Sell digital products.

Using your blog to sell digital products is a fantastic method to make money. You can sell any type of digital information product on your blog related to your niche.

You can create software and WordPress plugins and sell them to your website visitors if you know how to code. Also, you can hire a developer or purchase Saas products from different platforms like CodeCanyon.

6. Sell ad space.

You can sell ad space straight on your blog. You can determine your own price by selling ad space in your blog. You can sell a set rate for a banner ad on your blog. You’ll make more money if you charge a fixed amount on the basis of traffic on your website. You can include an “advertise here” page on your website to sell ad space.

7. Sell an ebook inside your blog.

One of the best ways to monetize a blog is by selling ebooks. It’s ideal because it’s simple to make and comes at a reasonable price that people can buy. Sell your ebook either straight on your site or via third-party networks like Gumroad. You can keep 100% of the revenues if you directly sell your ebook on your own website.

8. Sell your course.

Selling courses through your website is another method to profit from your blog. For creating a course you don’t need to be an expert, simply deliver the information in such a way that people will find it useful.

People will buy your course if you create easy and informative courses that bring a lot of value. You can sell it on autopilot, which is another wonderful way to earn money while you sleep.

Technical skills such as web design, digital marketing are the most common topics to create courses. You can also create courses on financial, stock, currency, and accounting topics.

9. Promote yourself as a freelancer.

Another common strategy is to earn money through your blog is to represent yourself as a freelancer. If you have any kinds of digital skills, you can market them inside your blog. Of course, you can grab clients through your blog.

10. Write paid reviews.

This is a similar kind of service to publishing sponsored posts. If you have a passion for content writing, you can write a paid review on your blog. Contact with similar niche blog owners and offer them paid reviews in your blog. 


So, these are the 10 best ways to monetize a blog easily and fast. These proven revenue-generating strategies will help you to start earning in very little effort.

Don’t jump into all the ways, pick one or two of these strategies and start making money right away with your website. I personally use Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and Email marketing to monetize my blog. That’s all about today, thank you for reading the article.

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